Sony may offer standalone 200CD changer for Media Center PCs

I just posted the article Sony may offer standalone 200CD changer for Media Center PCs.

already heard about the Sony 200 CD changer that is a component in the Sony XL 1 Media
Center PC. What’s cool about this changer is that it can read and play the
Cd’s and the word on the…

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Any bets on what DRM Sony will use on this?

this is a cd changer, so there will be no drm unless you want to rip those cds from my experience with giga pocket system, whatever you rip, the format will be proprietary with drm. not sure exactly the mechanism of drm though but nothing played on another sony pc with giga pocket system.

Mh, sounds interesting. Me is having some thousand cds here who wants to be ripped. But not by me, me too lazy now for this. Ehrm.

The only part that got me was the “It uses firewire so as long as the dell mce has firewire you should be good to go.” All I care is that one hits the market and sells so others ill follow. This is a natural component for a media center PC.

Wow this COULD be an excellent product.

better get your finger crossed. sony is a control freak like apple, and most sony vaio system related software won’t work on other than sony systems unless cracked.

Being a Sony the price will of course be 3-5x what it should be, rip only to some crappy DRM (or a really cr*p neutured mp3 encoder and not something decent like LAME). And of course it will use the cheapest off the shelf components meaning something will break, crack or fall off after a couple of weeks use. Still you can take it into a “Sony Centre” for repair and wait 5 weeks for the engineer to get the manuals (because its a “new” model) then be told to the lock ups are “normal behaviour, live with it”.

This could be great, after someone hacks the firmware… Otherwise it will be very restrictive on what it will do regardless of what it can do.