Sony may have given up on ARccOS protection :iagree:

Now i’m really sad :sad:

I think alot has to do with the fact they are working on HD-DVD Discs expecting 8 titles this month to be released and more soon to come Also working on Blue Ray as well.

Well, maybe workin more on bluray than hd dvd. Sony is well known for their bluray support.

I’m ‘blaming’ James at Slysoft. The frequency of updates renders all protection schemes pointless. :bigsmile:

Hello Folks,

The Commercial DVD Movie manufactures spend millions of bucks for their lame copy protection schemes and knowledgeable individuals using AnyDVD-CloneDVD in 20 minutes can make a backup copy of any Commercial DVD Movie Title on the market.

Keep up the good work SlySoft and Elaborate Bytes !

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I second the motion :clap:

haha the rumor starts here…James single handedly put sony itself out of business.

i heard it from Dr. Who who heard it from bjkg who heard it from brokenbuga…

pass it on!


This may be true , but the fact that everyone is missing is, that we pay for the originals and backup what we own and I see nothing wrong with that. But I can’t blame Sony for encrypting thier DVD’s when some people just copy them without actually buying them. That is no different than stealing Slysoft’s software without buying it ,so I think I can respect a company that wants protects thier investments [I]…[B]as long a james is one step ahead! :bigsmile:[/B][/I]

Hello Folks,

In no way in my previous posting in this tread was I condoning any illegal activity.

I fully believe a consumer who purchases a Commercial DVD Movie Title has every right to protect their investment and make a backup copy of the original Commercial DVD Movie Title for their own personal use to protect the original from damage.

If the Commercial DVD Movie Title manufactures would spend a fraction of the cost they spend on their copy protection schemes and develop scratch protection coatings for their fragile Commercial DVD Movie Titles consumers would not have to resort to making a backup copy of the original Commercial DVD Movie Title to protect the original from damage.

I doubt that you will ever find Commercial DVD Movie Title manufactures develop any technology to improve the durability of their fragile Commercial DVD Movie Titles but you will find them continuing to spending millions on their supposedly ‘new and improved copy protection schemes’.

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Well that’s right.
Also many companys are comin with arguments like preventing the original bought dvd with copy protections, cause you can give the backup to a friend to watch the movie.
Which also makes no sense, you can just give the original dvd. It’s similar to that, a backup is allowed in case there’s no protection(more than 95% are protected except porn) on it or bypassing it with analog schemes. The industry is just strange.

@ bjkg I hope by quoting your post earlier that you didn’t take it wrong. I just wanted to add to a good point you already made - saved me a little typing :o

It is actually illegal to lend dvds to friends.

Hello Folks,

The above statement is not factually correct or based on any legal statutory law.

An example is that at my local public library I can check out a copy of all the recent Commerical DVD Movie Title releases free of charge for one week. My local library has an extremely extensive collection of Commerical DVD Movie Titles.

Most municipality public libraries also have this policy concerning Commerical DVD Movie Titles.

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Are you kidding? I’ve never heard of any such law.

It would be illegal for your friend to borrow it and make a copy, and you’d be in a bad spot if you were lending it to this person specifically for that purpose.

If the movie co’s could do one of the following or something else along these lines to prevent copying

  1. provide a backup disk with the main moviethat could be a plain jane version ie no artwork etc that would clearly mark it as an official backup
  2. provide a free even exchange at any store for a damaged disk with no time limits

but since they will not and do not even give an upgrade rebate when purchasing the current media movie when a person already has the prior media movie version
ie upgrade from vhs or LD to dvd version

I think I am losing it

You are more likely to give a backup copy to your friend than lend him your original :slight_smile: Think about it :slight_smile:

It’s also illegal to make copies of disc’ that you own so…

Disney does offer a free replacement if you ever have one of there movies accidentally break.