Sony making Lite On....can you cross flash.. also EZ Dub?

I am looking into getting another burner.
Do all Lite On’s come with a sony drive?

The 1635s has a sony dw-q30a ysog drive.

The salesman at the store told me that Lite On makes the Sony units?
I am confused as it seems Sony makes the Lite on, or in case of the 1635, which has the Sony drive.

I am interested in the ez dub feature…anyone have a any experience with these. I see some rated very high.

Anyway how do you cross flash the 1635, as a Lite On Or Sony?


a 1635s is a liteon. a sony dw-q30a is also a liteon, just with a custom sony firmware.
you can use either the sony or the liteon firmware, i only use liteon firmware.

i don’t understand your last question… a liteon can’t be [I]cross[/I]flashed into a liteon.
liteon-> sony [I]or[/I] sony-> liteon, everything else is a simple update.
i suggest you read some threads here because many things seem unclear to you. after reading you can ask more precisely what you want to know.

I am lost. How do I tell what Firmware I have?
Why when I do a disc quality test, it tells me
"recorded with Sony DW-Q30A YSOG".

That is why I assume I have a Sony Drive in a Lite On box.

Should I update firmware & if so how?

TIA again,

This is what I mean…I am a newbie…can someone explain this to me? I am really confued here.

Is this a Lite On or a Sony Drive?

Why does everyone else’s pic show that area I have circled as a Lite On & mine says Sony?



Liteon 1635S and Sony DW-Q30A are the same hardware.

It happens that, when you burn -R media in a Liteon 1635S (and in some others Liteon 6 series burners), it is registered in the media that it was burnt with Sony DW-Q30A. This never happens when you burn +R media.



BTW, your F/W is pretty old.

You can find the new one (YS0W) at


like [I]Gordon Banks[/I] said, nero cd-dvd speed will display the sony name string of the drive on -R media, because this information is written on the disc.
+R media contain the liteon name string.

you should update your firmware to the newest [B]YS0Z[/B], download it directly from liteon:

@Gordon Banks
you missed YS0X, YS0Y and YS0Z :slight_smile:


I understand the -D and the +D.

As far as the drive, then it is a litle of both Sony & Lite On.
Who actually manufactured it? Is this the same drive in a Sony Burner that they have on special this week, or would I expect another drive. I am looking for another burner for a realative.

Ok, now how to I upgrade firmware. I did DL it…& it is sitting on my desktop.



Liteon 1635S=Sony DW-Q30A (same drive) is manufactured by Liteon.

To upgrade the FW just unzip it and run the .exe file.


Thanks for all your help & input.
Here is a quality disc score with a Lite on SHW-160P6S ( I see this f/w is up to date.)

Same media used -D

Why no mention of Sony here. Is it that this model (SHW-160P6S) is not a Sony?

This is where I am lost. The SHW-1635 = Sony
The SHW-160P6S = ?

Which of these is the better unit. I know the 1635 is an older model, but it does seem faster…that’s for sure. This has a lot of nice features on it (EZ Dub), which I have yet to use. A friend has this one & he likes it.

TIA Again,

PS… this will finally clear this up for me. I have learned a lot from all of you. If you can just explain this one I will be happy

Sorry, pic will not upload, will try tomorrow


don’t be worried about that. Nearly all recent Liteon DVDRW drives are products of a joint venture of Liteon and Sony. This is very common in the optical drives business. The Liteon LTD-166S DVD-ROM drive is made by Liteon/JVC.

The SHW-160P6S = ?
This is a [B]Sony DW-Q120A[/B]


look here for model names (6th Generation Standard (6S)):

Thanks for all your help.
So, this SHW is a 6th generation Sony, but it does not say that anywhere, where as the 1635 does.

Why does it not say Sony when a -D is used?

With that …I am out of questions, you answered tham all & I thnk you again.

Take care


Was almost understanding…but lost again.

The 165 is a Lite On/ JVC
But is is a Sony DW-Q120A

Then why does quality sidc score not show Sony on the 165, but does on the 1635?


which liteon 165?

anyways, it’s not a jvc. almost every sony drive is manufactured by liteon.

just ignore the displayed drive name in cd-dvd speed.