Sony loses court case on modchips in Australia

$ony has lost it’s fight to have people prosecuted for selling and installing modchips for their PS2’s at the high court of Australia

Suck shit $ony

At last some good news regarding modchips…

Yay! Especially since the whole dvddecrypter fiasco, I hateSony.Little punks wanna keep me from legally backing up my own movies, which I have every right to do, they’re the ones who should be gettin sued for infringing my rights. Eat me sony! All you do with these kind of moves, is make the general public not like your punk asses. You remind me of the music industry, whining about piracy while record sales are actually up, and the “piracy” does nothing but get the product out there even more. And they’re still making a crapload of money, and so are you, so cry me a river biaaatches!! So keep it up, we hate you more every day, tarnish that rep, I love it. :slight_smile: Long live mod chips and sony protection defeating softwares!!! :slight_smile: