Sony location free base station

Hello all,

Wasn’t sure where to ask this question, so here goes. I bought a Sony Location Free devise that allows you to stream tv/dvd/dvr content to your laptop and acess it anywhere there’s wifi. Similar to Slingbox. Now I really don’t care about seeing my local channels when I’m traveling, I just want to be able to watch tv on my laptop from different parts off the house. The tricky part,

This thing does not have a coax port. It has a bunch of rca and s video. OK, still with me, Can I plug this thing into the back of my tower? My e310 has a tv tuner card. It needs to be wired into my router and my computer is nowhere near my cable box. I’m sure I confused you guys but really need some advise. Thanks all. The Sony Devise is a LF-B10. My Dell is a E310 P4, 3.0, 2 gigs, running xp media center. THANKS.

I have A Sony free station. What I do is, put it to cable TV or to your Satellite box, or buy a digital tuner box. & Then put it on router mod and you will be able TV on your lab top or PSP