Sony-liteon shw-160p6s

pllease help if possible

:i bought the sony dvd/rw(dwq120a)from ebay the firmware psy2

:i beleive it was then rebadged in an earlier forum to the liteon shw-160p6s so i upgraded the firmware and crossed flashed the drive as it wasnt reading any media whatsoever under the sonydwq120a firmware
:i must admit i dont have a scooby doo what i was doing anyhow to cut a long story short is have i done something wrong cross flashing
:it reads media just now but when i convert x to dvd it goes through the motions of burning but theres no burnt file
:is this to do with the crossflasing,the drive,the media or the firmware:confused:
i feel a complete idiot:o
and youl probably agree:iagree:
any help or info would be greatfully appreciated:bow:

@ mitch3496,

To confirm that you have in fact correctly “CrossFlashed” your Sony DW-Q120A to a LiteOn SHW-160H6S Optical Drive suggest reviewing the “Crossflash SONY to LITEON a few questions” ( thread and note Forum Member C0deKing #10 posting comments concerning the “Correct” manner in crossflashing a Sony DW-Q120A to a LiteOn SHW-160H6S Optical Drive.


read the the article of crossflashing as advised:iagree:
i updated the flasher from pv96 to psob:iagree:
still makes no sense in reading blank media:
reads everything else cd audio/dvd movies pcgames and software:
ive tried uninstalling rebooting and installing again:
same thing happening please insert blank disc:
ive tried most brands:
1stly sony q120a dvd/rw firmware psy1(wouldnt read anything atall)
updated to psy2(still nothing)
only when i updated to the liteon shw-160p6s(i got the above mentioned dvd etc etc…)
i crossed flashed the drive to pv96(i think:confused:)
then used the flasher to update to psob)
tried to burn(the same please insert blank disc):Z
im starting to think the drive is fried
plus the fact they were so cheap on ebay:(
ive noticed quite a few people are having the same probs with the sony sq120a-lite on shw160p6s
there again some people are still using psy2 firmware and getting results of burn:confused:
im pretty sure now its not the firmware or flashing please advise:bow: