Sony, liteon chipsets & commands

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What is the relationship between liteon & sony? I have to relapce the burner in my Liteon DVR and am finding it difficult to match closely the replacement to the old drive as I have already tried a Pioneer (nec chipset?) which reads but does not write when installed in the dvr. So I’m thinking I need a liteon drive with a sony chipset (which the current failing drive has) so that the commands etc that the dvr sends to the burner are compatible and so it works.

I spotted a liteon 8900 in a local store but it looks like its really a benq with a panasonic chipset. Anyone know of a “most likely to be comaptible”, current drive out there that I can try?

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for computer drives, see here: and there:
The Sony/Liteon collaboration is over since Sony and Nec founded Optiarc. Also there were some Sony drives, that are Benq (810, 820) and Samsung (830) rebadges.

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