Sony / Lite-on DVD RW DW-D26A

Hi everyone! I’m a newbie, so I hope I’ve posted this in the right forum…

Anyways, I own a Sony / Lite-on DVD RW DW-D26A. It’s worked fine for me up until about 3 or so months ago. I had some hardware problems which I think may be related… My Motherboard and power supply fried, and I had to get them replaced. Leading up to this I could hear a hissing noise coming from my computer. Now that I’ve had my mobo and ps replaced, I thought all would be ok. But I get the same hissing noise when I burn CDs or DVDs.

In addition, I’ve recently discovered my drive cannot read CDs. It has no trouble reading DVDs, but it cannot read music or data CDs. It can burn CDs and DVDs, but it does make that hissing noise during this. I don’t know if this is also important, but when my computer is in Photoshop, or playing a game with high intense graphic movement, the hissing noise starts up again.

Any suggestions would be very welcome!!!