Sony launches Walkman Bean - Jellybean shaped MP3 Players



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 Sony has  launched a jelly bean shaped series of Walkman's that aim to compete with  Apple's iPod Shuffle.  These come in a capacity of 512MB or 1GB, feature a  1-line OLED display, 50-hour...
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Alas, Sony, had both resources and technology to create an ipod like device, but obviously blew it all on the unimaginative restricted mini disc player. By giving the world a digital bean, I can only wonder, as to what Sony’s R&D boys and girls are either smoking or taking these days?


hello doctor… HI, WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU TODAY i ate my mp3 WHAT i ate my mp3 by accident (SNNAAAPPP…GLOVES ON) OK BEND OVER AND LETS SEE IF WE CAN FINE IT god damit sony get your act together man…we don’t want odd shaped shit… we like plain clean look


Looks like WMA is supported according to .


Wow, this is Sad it seems like flash players have gone backward not forward. When they were introduced most flash players had memory expansion so that people with flash players could benefit from the ever cheaper and bigger media cards. But it seems now that most flash players have no expainsion slots what so ever.


Why not make a floating, glowing orb that sends digitally encrypted signals to your brain, so you can’t remember or replicate what you hear. That way, you will listen to the music and never get bored or are able to copy it. Hey, why don’t I do it… -~^ponders sadistically^~- :B


Just to point out that Sony has the “unimaginative restricted mini disc player” (so says Heystoopid) in the market for a long time now, even before iPod and othe MP3 players, and they have a player with HDD already. So its a matter o marketing strategies, not ressources or imagination, and Sony guys produced good proofs that they are experts in the art of shooting their own feet. Now they came with a bean, maybe tomorrow is tomato’s day…who knows? What seems important (and maybe stuoid) is to continue to restricy it to a proprietary format…but we don’t know about the patents involved and the $$$$ problems.


Looks like Sony is targetting prepubescent girls. Maybe someone should design a didlo-shaped mp3 player for the slightly older girl concerned with purse storage space? Maybe iRiver could… let’s not go there.


There are still a few MP3 players about with expansion slots, but unfortunately most of these lack a backlit display or radio. For example, sell a basic MP3 player that only uses SD/MCC flash as its memory. The player costs £11 (~€16) and even with a 1GB SD card (£40 / ~€60), it still works out cheaper than the 512MB iPod shuffle, not to mention having also having a screen, graphic equaliser and using standard AAA batteries! :stuck_out_tongue: The only problem is that these non-named brand players don’t seem as attractive without the fancy style or brand name, so consumers end up looking elsewhere.


Gotta love them didlos :g


I’ve found a couple namebrand players that are memory card upgradeable. They are all varry new Flash players 2005 modles. RCA’s Lyra RD2317 1GB & RD2315 512MB they are SD upgradable. I called RCA and was told that they’ll take the new 2GB sd cards but they werent sure about the 4GB cards because they werent sure what fileformat they use. Shiro SX 1GB Flash player is also impressive if you want an OLED display and SD upgrade able. They support 2GB cards. Shiro’s can be found using google or ebay. Philips SA26 is also flash upgradable using mini SD cards. I called philips about how big of a miniSD card there SA26 would take and was told they support the new 1GB miniSD cards and all future cards as long as they are formated in Fat, Fat16, and Fat32. Shiro, Philips & RCA players have Recording, FM player Recording, Support WMA, DRM WMA, MP3 and huge battery life on your standard AAA battery as well as Supper bright BackLight Display’s, and use USB 2.0. Sony’s Beans are a Rip-off when Compaired to what RCA, Shiro and Philips have to offer. :s Philips SA216 $119 RCA Lyra RD2317 $170.99 RCA Lyra RD2315 $114.00 These items can be had on for even less. :S
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Sony’s SonicStage software handles most of what u mentioned. LOL.

#13 I am not put off by the shape of the device. Actually, I find the Ipod Shuffle horridly square and less functional. Some great pics comparing Shuffle & Bean here: Apple’s industrial designers seem to think “everything flat is cool”. I disagree. In fact, the round edges look comfortable and the in-built USB plug is functional. Battery life is also very very good. Buuuuut… what I consider requirements (not options) are: *User-replaceable battery (so you can bring a spare). Not sure if it has one? Preferably standard AA or AAA size, or at least Sony’s “gumstick” size as you can get those from other manufacturers for a reasonable price). I would trade some battery life (over sony’s built-in Lithium Ion) for the privilege of having a spare battery on the cheap. Rechargeable batteries only last a few hundred charge cycles, after all. What happens when it needs replacing? *User-replaceable flash card (but not in Sony’s hideously overpriced Memory Stick format. SD would do. Flash is cheap and getting cheaper as capacities increase, and is not an unlimited write/rewrite thing. Would be great to simply slot in higher-capacity flash. *A far better program than SonicStage (or a much improved SonicStage), which Sony uses. *Voice recording Until then…