Sony Laptop Protection

Hi Guys, wondering if anyone can help since I am new to all this. Currently using DVD de-encrypter, SHRINK 2 and Nero to back up DVD’s. No problem so far on any from Region 4.

Of course after buying a new Sony Laptop [VGN-SZ15GP/B] I tried it out using the same programs. After initialising DVD de-encrypter the program shut down stating there was an illogical match bewteeen regions, after attempting to use ‘brute force’ in cracking the code.

It appears the drive [FUJITSU MHV2060BH] is set to Region 2 (USA) and not allowing a region 4 disc to be read using the DVD de-encryption software.
Some advice has been given that evenm if upgraded to 1CLICK or other fee based programs the problem will still occur.

My question is therefore whether there is anyway to circumvent this. If not, my next step is take it up with Sony, given that the purchase of the laptop is in Australia with American settings. I understand why they have done this but that’s not the point.

Anyway, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

  1. region 2 is not US. it’s most of Europe/

2.) you only get 5 region changes so be careful how often you do this

  1. region can easily be changed in the device manager under the properties for that drive.