Sony knows how to look after customers

well sony seem to know how to look after the customers as they are adding support to their DRU-530A drive as u can see here to add x8 dvd-r writing to the drive lets hope liteon will do the same for their customers or there will be a lot of unhappy people out there :cop:
seems they like letting their customers know what they intend to do for them ahead of time to which seems good maybe i should have got a sony :o

So far just words from Sony:

Note: The free firmware upgrade for the internal DRU-530A or external DRX-530UL Dual RW drives that will allow you to achieve up to 8X DVD-R max and 4X DVD-RW max recording speeds is not yet available. The firmware will be available for download from Sony’s Storage Support Web site near the end of February 2004. The appropriate media must be used to obtain these recording speeds.

By that time, we may well be doing the same. The MediaTek chipset in my 401S@411S@811S supports 8X in both +R and -R.

I’m getting good 8X +R burns now.

i know but it would be nice if liteon would do the same for us thats all im thinking :slight_smile:
i just like winging that all lol

Well, Sony may merge with Lite-ON sometime soon… thus the name change to SOHC. I’m hoping that we’ll get the firmware support and inexpensive prices of Lite-ON combined with the [retail presence] and cutting edge technology of Sony.

Got a link on the Sony buyout? Hadn’t heard that before.

I’m just “guessing”, for now.

Things to consider:

[ul][li]Sony has announced that it will stop its own DVD Burner production and will be outsourcing to some Taiwanese manufacturer(s).
[/li][li]Sony has used Lite-ON exclusively for its CD Burners since their 48/12/48 model.
[/li][li]New SOHC names
[/li][li]“SONY CORPORATION” string in some firmwares and EEPROMS in place of “LITEONIT”
[/li][*]Sony and Lite-ON have had a “Strategic Partnership” for a long time now.[/ul]

very intresting thanks dhc014

Interesting gossip Dave :slight_smile:

strange that most of the companys decided to do a firmware upgrade and liteon decided go out with new model :\

glad to see someone here is thinking on the same lines as me thanks Loco69 for your reply :wink:

Maybe it’ll force Liteon to reconsider things a bit… just cross ya fingers :bow:

LiteOn is reportedly doing the exact same thing for their OEM customers. That’s the only reason Sony is doing it, because the drive maker made it available. We’ll eventually have some OEM firmware that’ll do it for 8xx drives of one kind or another.
but the hackers will have it fixed before that happens anyway. :wink:

it’s getting more and more interesting… :eek:

Actually, Sony has one of the worst reputations around in the consumer electronics biz. They refuse to replace defective equipment and only offer repair or a reburbished replacement.

Agree here with rdgrimes. I own many many Sony products and am very happy with them. But their customer service (atleast in Aus) leaves a lot to be desired.

As far as I’m concerned lite-on are far more concerned about listening to their customers than Sony are (going by past record).


I would have to agree…Here in the US, Sony products are good, but if you have an issue, you’re pretty much dead in the water…They won’t do much to help you…Lite on, on the other hand, bends over backwards to help me out when I have an issue.

Another good company is Kingston…Emailed them with an issue regarding HyperX, and they called me…then got a Kingston Engineer on the phone… :eek: Don’t see companies doing that sort of thing much anymore…

One of the reasons I won’t buy anything but Lite-On and Kingston anymore…they HELP me when I have problems.


Originally posted by rdgrimes
We’ll eventually have some OEM firmware that’ll do it for 8xx drives of one kind or another.
but the hackers will have it fixed before that happens anyway. :wink:

You keep hinting… these “hackers” better get to work! :wink:

Yeah I’m not impressed with Sony. Take the PS2 for instance, it comes with no games, only 1 controller, no memory, a shitty psuedo scart lead, a dvd player with no remote, stupid macrovison, crappy ntsc/pal support…etc…etc…

“Sony knows how to get money out of customers!”

There was a time when Sony was though of as an industry leader. That perception is slowly fading away because of these types of isses. They don’t make half of there stuff anymore anyway.

When you buy Sony you are paying them extra for the advertising they do. I hate buying big name things because you know you are paying 20-30% more for them to sponser a race team or something.

I have a RX850 & a FXA53 and recently bought DRX-530UL for obvious reasons. My problem is that the DRX fails to initialize when any type of disk is inserted!! On my RX850 it is immediatly recognized, I click on eject, the door opens, insert a disk, close the door & I get a message to insert a blank disk. The unit will not take the firmware upgrade for a 510a?!?!? When I try the online diagnostic, I get nowhere because it asks for a blank disk which it does not recognize. Sony support is no help. They have replaced the unit 3 times but no luck. The same happens when I connect with my FXA53. iLink & USB connection isn’t the issue because I get the same results. I’ve even tried a few Dell’s at work, same results . Sony support mentioned a problem with service pack 2, but that does not apply to the RX850 & the Dell’s at work.