SONY Japan BD-R QL (128 GB)

Hello Tensik,

if you are a proud owner of a WH16NS58DUP you get the Software for free from Vinpower.

Just send them a E-Mail.

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By the way, the consumer 128GB discs from Sony are available now

What writer is best if I am to buy a Writer that supports this disc in 2019 Oct?

I purchased Pioneer BDR-XD05B and this BD bundle, however it didnt support the 128GB discs rendering them useless even though its advertised on their website that 128GB is supported.

Hence I am trying to find a writer that can support these discs to reduce the investment loss.


That seems to be a Pioneer problem: The box claims that writing BD QL (128GB) is supported, but then the drive doesn’t support it. I’ve already written about that in

The same happened to me when I bought the BD-R S09XLT in 2017. I had to wait until Feb 2019 until firmware 1.52 was released. Older drives normally won’t get any updates anymore. So I was lucky.
For supported media on Pioneer BD-R drives, it’s best when you look here:

I achieved very good write results with an old LG BH16NS40 (SVC Code NS40) drive crossflashed to WH16NS48. The disc quality is better than compared to my BD-R S09XLT (with firmware 1.52).
I always write 2x with DM activated, so it takes about 8h until the disc is finished. But it’s worth it…!

So I should buy LG BH16NS40 right? I Only want to Archive a lot of Videos / Photos around 2 TB. The writer should also be able to playback the data.

Do you mean by “playback”: simply read the data off of the discs? No problem for any BDXL-Writer. Or do you mean by “playback”: UHD (4k) playback of movies? I can’t you help here since I have no know-how in that topic.
Problem is: there are many versions of BH16NS40 out there. There are old ones (up to maybe 2015) based on hardware with SVC-Code NS40. And there are new BH16NS40 (maybe from 2018 on) based on different hardware with SVC-Code NS 50/51. All of them can read and write QL media, but when it comes to scanning the discs, it gets tricky. See here

You can of course buy the Asus-clone (eg. BW-16D1HT) or LG BH16NS55 or 58, but I cannot give you any advise here…

Ok thanks. I dnt need 4K UHD playback. Most of the videos are in FHD resolution. Blu Ray hardwares seems so messed up and complicated. And here I thought Blu Ray Advertisements are what they claims to do so.

So what will work for my intended task is LG BH16NS40 right? and then crossflash to WH16NS48 ? Or is there something simpler out of the box drive for this?( Only write 128GB BDXL and Read those discs. )


Crossflashing a BH16NS40 to WH16NS48 is only needed when you want to do quality scans of the discs. For writing QL discs, a BH16NS40 (or the newer ones or clones) will do. The Sony NQ1 128GB media are really good. They normally produce less errors and have lower average error rates than eg. Verbatims 100GB discs…

Thanks. Also I did some search on the later model BD writer from LG: WH16NS60 , Many reviews says its not good. Firmware issues. I guess I will buy a BH16NS40 and hope this time I can start my Archiving Project.

I’d hope they’d make 33 GB single layer and 66 GB dual layer BD-Rs, if they’d be available for about the same price single and dual layer discs are available now, I’d rather buy those than 100 GB triple layer or 128 GB quadro layer discs.

Looks Like New MID: SONY-NQ1**-003** MIJ


Burned with LG WH16N548 1.v5

Scanned with LG WH16NS48 1.D3

Burned September 2020

Also looks like NS58 1.v5 Is either over-reporting errors, or these discs are bad

I wonder what the difference is between MID SONY-NQ1/001 and SONY-NQ1/003. The manufacturer list
( doesn’t distinguish those.
By the way: What version of PlexTools have you used? It seems to be a new version that also shows the layer breaks (versions and don’t show that).
And: With my WH16NS58 (firmware 1.V1) and PlexTools I can only scan at 6x speed. Your image shows a scan that was made at 2x. Is that firmware dependent or PlexTools related?

Are the two scans from the same disc? The reported disc capacity is not the same…!