SONY Japan BD-R QL (128 GB)

@czary2mary1 Thanks for the confirmation on the 58.

So the best solution currently is to get the WH16NS58DUP and then open the Sony 1.5TB Archival Cartridge and boom, solution to burn 128GB discs and even check the burn quality of BD-R’s with Windows and Opti Drive Control software. Nice!

Sorry that I told the wrong information, I really thought I might have read somewhere. And thank you for your correction.
So the WH16NS58DUP also scans 100GB media. Does ODC crash at 50GB or not?


It tests BD-R XL only in PlexTool Lite software from VinPower since version

Look at the @ jadburner tests
Verbatim 4x BD-R TL

yeah the prices from the 1 or 5 pieces packs was from european Verbatim Bd-R XL discs i dont know that are cheaper 10 pieces packs avaible when maybe i need a few more discs for tests.

And yes the BD-R “M” XL Versions are these from Millenniata.

Where can one get this version? I have LG WH16NS48DQ aka Vinpower WH16NS48DUP-QS, but my Vinpower Tools is not that version and my drive thus cannot scan with that software to 100GB.

I use an LG BH16NS40 crossflashed to WH16NS48 (1.D3). The scanning is done with PlexTools Lite, that I received directly from Vinpower Digital EMEA (Germany). Since I didn’t have a PlexTools Lite version before, I asked if I could buy the SW directly from them for a small fee. Instead, they sent me a one-time download link (for free!) (thanks again :slight_smile: )

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@Tensik can i burn SONY BD-R QL (128 GB) SONY-NQ1 my burner is BH16NS40 latest firmware 1.03 (without crossflashed firmware 1.D3 WH16NS48) you said you’d try it. Works eventually or not ?

I once burned a Sony BD-R QL (SONY-NQ1) with an LG BH16NS40 (FW 1.03) and the write quality seems similar to the ones burned with an WH16NS48 drive. So that should work.

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ok thanks very good! :slight_smile:

Check this out:





…and for those with too much money:

Sony ODC-3300R:

  • Capacity of 3,3 TB thanks to Double-sided Disc with Triple-Layer per Side!!

But these cartridges ( Sony ODC-3300R) contain archival discs that are not compatible with Bluray drives…

You mean Revision 2?

Ah, okay, means that Revision 1 ODA (up to 1500R) ist usable then?!

ODA Gen 1 (1500R) contains 12 bluray discs. These work (write/read) with my LG WH16NS48 (my Pioneer S09XLT only reads them, because the firmware doesn’t know the MID of the 128GB bluray discs and therefore doesn’t support writing)
ODA Gen 2 (3300R) contains 11 archival discs (300GB each) that doesn’t work (haven’t tried that and I won’t, because the tech specs differ from bluray)

Thanks for the info!

So the Sony ODC3300R is really a bargain not not really of use for us “freaks”. :wink:

Yeah, Gen.2 will not work with usual drives, see:

Panasonic itself is very much involved into ODA together with SONY.



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I am surprised this has not been mentioned here:

Here is where it was mentioned that I was remembering reading:

I have been thinking about using these for archiving, to bring down the amount of space used.

Anyone around here who knows where to get Plextools Lite