SONY Japan BD-R QL (128 GB)

Media: SONY ODC1500R Optical Disc Archive, also SONY XDCAM 128GB

Burner: LG WH16NS48
Firmware: 1.D3
Burn Speed: 4x
Burning Software: ImgBurn

Reader: LG WH16NS48
Firmware: 1.D3
Read Speed: 6x
Reading Software: PlexToos Lite

Disc Information (from ImgBurn before burning)
Status: Empty
State of Last Session: Empty
Erasable: No
Free Sectors: 62’500’864
Free Space: 128’001’769’472 bytes <---- !!!
Free Time: 13889:06:64 (MM:SS:FF)
Next Writable Address: 0
Supported Write Speeds: 2x; 4x; 6x

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First scan of a BD-R QL i see. Very impressive!

You might also be interested in the fact, that - as I assume - none of the Pioneer BDXL writers ever sold, support writing to 128GB QL media, although the specs claim that. See here:

Can the LG also scan with ODC?

Yes, the LG WH16NS48 can also scan with ODC 1.70, but only up to 50 GB. Then it crashes because the program tries to write the graph outside of the 50 GB window…!

OK, Thank you

I don´t have any BD-R over 50GB, so it´s OK for me :slight_smile:

But it has to be the WH16NS48 version, not the BH16NS40. (but can be crossflashed)
See this thread: BD-R XL Scanner - does it exist?

Have a BH16NS40 and found only the package with WH16NS58-FW

What is that Black Case? For only one Media or More? Does the media comes with it?

The black case is the ODC1500R cartridge containing the 12x 128GB BDXL discs summing up to 1.5TB that Sony sells for their Optical Disc Archive System 1. You can either buy a Sony XDCAM cartridge (PFD128QLW) that contains only 1x 128GB BDXL disc (for about 55 Euros!), or you buy an ODC1500R cartridge for about about 100 Euros. This would make approx. 8 Euros per disc. Still quite a high price, but if you look at the prices of 100GB MKM enterprise discs for archive (MKM AABF25RTJP at ALMEDIO.CO.JP), a real bargain…!

WOW, this is an awesome find for those on a budget! Thank you Tensik! :sunglasses:

I guess the Version 2 cartridges (3.3TB) would be different discs inside then. I’ve got to look into this more. Who said they weren’t making any Quad layered BD-R’s. :wink:

Edit: The catch is it is not a regular LG Drive, it has the special VinPower Digital Firmware 1.D3 installed.

Edit 2: That brings us to this discussion: Lg wh16ns48dup / wh16ns48dq
Seems you cannot just buy this drive anywhere. In fact I cannot find it for sale anywhere, including eBay or the Internet! You would think someone would be selling them somewhere but I just cannot find anything with that firmware on it. Easy come, easy go. :sob:

OK, I think I just solved all our problems. :wink:

I found the drive that should work and that has the special firmware (looking at other sites that might sell it):
It has the model number: WH16NS58DUP
and is made by VinPower Digital and would have that special VinPower firmware:

Tennis, would this work?

Edit: Could not find anyone else on VinPower Digital’s list that sells this drive. Only the one I mentioned above.

The drive(s) used for writing the 128GB discs are standard LG BH16NS40 crossflashed to WH16NS48 with the special duplication firmware from Vinpower (see here: Lg wh16ns48dup / wh16ns48dq). I don’t know if the standard BH16NS40 firmware is able to burn 128 GB discs (I will try that later next week) or if Vinpower did also modify the writing capabilites (but they did modify the reading capabilites, as the Vinpower 1.D3 firmware for BH16NS40/WH16NS48 allows scanning of bluray discs). But I might remember that I’ve read that the WH16NS58DUP is NOT able to scan bluray discs.
So, I’d rather bought a used LG BH16NS40 drive and crossflashed it to WH16NS48 with firmware 1.D3
EDIT: The WH16NS56DUP does scan BD-R media (see posting below), so the statement above (that is does not) is wrong.


8 Euro for 128GB is not so much.

We here in Germany must pay around 7-8 Euro for one Verbatim BD-R XL 100 GB disc or 14 Euro for one BD-R “M” XL.
Most time i only see 1 pieces or 5 pieces packs.

Or around 20-25 Euro for one Sony or Panasonic BD-RE XL.

Do not buy the European Verbatim, if you need 100GB. They are so overpriced!

Buy the Japanese version

The 128GB Sony are very good for the price too, because they guarantee 50 years archival life.

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You’re right, but it strongly depends on where you’re living. For Europe it is not much, I agree.
What do you mean by BD-R “M” XL, the Millenniata version? I don’t think that they are so special as they claim to be. They also use inorganic materials for the data layers, as ALL HTL BD-R media do. (For DVD this is different. All DVD-Rs except the M-Disc use organic dye material. But the M-Disc uses inorganic material. They might age slower, but the initial burn quality is also very important…)

You’re absolutely right!!! Also here in Switzerland. For a 5pack Verbatim BD-R XL 100GB I paid about 8.50 Euro/Disc, where as for the above mentioned 10pack (VBR520YP10SV1), 1 disc cost me about 4.50 Euro (and that’s incl. postage which is about 1/4th of the price!). The quality seems to be the same (both have MID: VERBAT-Imk)

But keep in mind: Open up a Sony ODC1500R cartridge is somehow an unofficial way of getting 128GB BDXL media. The ODC1500R cartridges are tuned to use in Sony’s Archival Disc drives. So it is not clear, how they behave in the future when written with a normal BDXL burner!

@Gordon2017: I haven’t tried 100GB BD-RE media, as they are expensive and I don’t need rewritable media. But I suspect, that in Sony’s ODC1200RE cartridges, there might be Sony or Panasonic BD-RE 100GB discs for the same (cheap) price of about 8 Euro/Disc. But we don’t know unless someone checks that…
(also for the other Sony ODC cartridges)

I also think that the Version 2 cartridges (based on the Archival disc specs) are different, as the used discs have a narrower track pitch (0.225um compared to 0.32um for BDXL) and use land and groove recording (BD-R only uses groove recording). As the archival disc is double sided, one data layer contains 50GB. This only about 50% more compared to the 32GB of a BDXL128 GB disc! As the numerical aperture and the writing wavelength (405nm) are the same, I wonder if a BDXL writer might be updated with an appropriate firmware (as long as the optical unit is capable of dealing with smaller track pitch values). Will there ever be Archival Disc drives for single Archival Discs, that can be mounted in a standard PC case…?

[quote=“Tensik, post:13, topic:399006, full:true”]
I don’t know if the standard BH16NS40 firmware is able to burn 128 GB discs (I will try that later next week) or if Vinpower did also modify the writing capabilites (but they did modify the reading capabilites, as the Vinpower 1.D3 firmware for BH16NS40/WH16NS48 allows scanning of bluray discs).[/quote]
I look forward to finding out if the standard drive would burn the 128GB discs. Since I’m on a Mac I prefer to stay away from having to customize firmware on Windows. It is always a pain to do. :wink:

Well at least I found a place where it isn’t expensive to find out. It is strange that Vinpower would do that to their latest drive like that.

Thanks for all the info and testing Tensik!

I do not know where from this information that VinPower WH16NS58 DUP \ DQ models do not do disc quality tests?
Also very well tested BD-R XL

Comparison of disc quality tests of the same BD-R 25GB media on Teac BD-W512GSA, VinPower WH16NS48 \ 58

Teac BD-W512GSA fw. PT11 \ Opti Drive Control -discquality x2

VinPower LG WH16NS48DQ fw. 1.D3 \ Opti Drive Control -discquality x2

VinPower LG WH16NS58DQ fw. 1.V1 \ Opti Drive Control -discquality x2

VinPower LG WH16NS58DQ fw.1.V1 \ Opti Drive Control -discquality x4

VinPower LG WH16NS58DQ fw.1.V1 \PlexTool Lite VinPower -discquality x8