Sony is trying to stop the bleemcast! PSX emulator discs for the

I just posted the article Sony is trying to stop the bleemcast! PSX emulator discs for the.

Nighthawk used our newssubmit to tell us that Bleem is in trouble. Sony has tried with lawsuits to stop the development of Bleem, and because this didn’t work they are now trying to stop retailers…

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Not very good. But i never use it :slight_smile:

F**kin sony :frowning:

I don`t use it anyway…

If this was microsoft you people would be blowing your loads all over this and how microsoft sucks… oh well Sony is a bastard plain and simple

Hey, those guys are just doing their job! Sony, in my opinion, makes very high-quality equipment. I have a Sony Trinitron TV, VCR, Receiver, 50-CD player, Sony stereo system, and almost everything else. Sony DVD Players are crap, though (don’t read CD-R’s) so I got a Panasonic DVD Player.

Hey guys, This hase nothing to do with no good anyway or I never used it. This is about freedom. Lets support these guys,just like we did with Ollie:4

I agree with slaine. We should be given this freedom. And anywayz, bleem does not damage the PSX games market - IMO probably promotes it instead. :slight_smile:

this is essentialy the same as someone ripping off a famous singers song and marketing it as their own why should someone support this they made it without sony’s consent to make money at their expence