Sony is there for mom with the new AccuCORE technology

I just posted the article Sony is there for mom with the new AccuCORE technology.

 Shoot, I didn't realise how focused moms are when it comes to  taking and preserving family photos! But, once I thought about it a bit, in my  world, this does seem to be the case....
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More BS from Sony. First the Blu-Ray & PS3 vaporware hype and now this nonsense. Way to go Sony, you don’t fool anyone with the sub-standard crap that you sell. :d

In a related study, geeks were the ones buying the media to pass on to the significant other for their “preserving” activities. 9 out of 10 geeks never heard of Accucore. 10 out of 10 thought it was a marketing gimmick. After brainwashing the following was observed: “Good thing this media has Accucore. I dunno how I ever never bought it before. What was I thinking? I’m glad this latest study has put me straight. Thank you Sony! Thank goodness for Accucore” It is unclear whether the geeks were serious or whether they were faking hypnosis because laugher was heard soon after, causing some to think the results of this ‘study’ were meaningless.

I should say it is a smart marketing stunt. After having screwd up in every other direction, all they have left is a bunch of moms in Walmarts - 10 % worth to fight for. sadly, they are Sony’s last reserve. If they really were to change the company reputation and gain geeks’ support, they would: 1. Remember who they are and where come from and start making media in Japan. (i’m sure they do for own people) 2. Instead of commercials and surveys rely more on media scans. 3. Start respecting their consumers by dropping all Arccoss crap and such, which only annoys them, but does no harm to real (profiting) pirates. 4. Stop those games with proprietary formats and win markets with high quality products instead. 5. Join our news chat. If all above observed, I will start buying Sony again. Cheers. FidelC


screw sony forever they killed decrypter and there is no forgiveness for that my house hold will never buy anything with sony on it ever again i hope they sink with all the other greedy B******s