Sony is killing PlayStation mod-chips

I just posted the article Sony is killing PlayStation mod-chips.

One of the things you will need when you want to play backupped Playstation CD’s is a so called mod-chip, this chip will make sure the CD’s work, and are not illegal themselves.

Sony however…

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If sony stops the creation and selling of mod-chips then they will loose their title of King of the Consoles. Somebody crack the x-box!! :slight_smile:

My Ps2 is chipped with the Neo4 and my dealer said that there are a few Neo4 chips around so i am lucky to have one

I just orderd my Messiah so i’m lucky too :slight_smile:

Someone else will just start-up elsewhere under another name. these mods only cost a few $/£ to make so the profit is well worth it.

First bleem now the neo4 chips? the hell with you guys. i’m gonna start boycotting Sony and stop recommending anything of theirs to anyone.

Julian_Nior> I don’t think you’re that lucky, The Messiah doesn’t come out, yet. cHodAX> Only a fwe Pounds? That was true with the mods for PSX, but not for the Messiah or the Neo4!

Are the chips used in Psone or PS2? or both? Cause for PSone, it’s so easy to code them your self if you have tohe code to put on the chip, chips used in Psone (I don’ty know about 2) cost about, well less than dollar, I’m not sure about the right prize but it is less than dollar, and if you want to code it you need just some equipment you can make yourself, then you have chip, which you can put to your Ps if you know some electronics. But I don’t know about PS2, but for one, it’s very simple. :slight_smile:

It will be cracked again. And besides, consoles are inferior to PCs anyhow - and we can all crack PCs! Long live backing up!

its all about time, you might be all surprised at whats round the corner, we are talking, same mod, different name, different supplier. and its already happend :slight_smile:

Ok, i purchased the neo4 chip about 3 weeks ago on, the site closed down, and i still dont have my mod chip. Are they going to be gay and take my money or does this thing take like 5 years to get to you? anyone know

ordered some neo 4`s about the same time, they phones me last week saying they have refunded my money :frowning: would have preferred some chips :4

Hey If they can start a lawsuit, why dont they counter-sue? Probably the reason why they havent bothered with any US Sites… Besides, in the US they sell devices that when used the wrong way are illegal… Examples, Cable Descramblers, Radar Detectors (Most States Illegal), Video Tape Descramblers (To record copyrighted VHS tapes) etc… Makes you wonder…

SaTaN i think i am i just recieved it :stuck_out_tongue:

can u giv more info dude? is it the messiah from CT or a clone? cheers :slight_smile:

It’s the Messiah from CT