Sony is an oxymoron

Don’t you find it funny that sony, manufactres cd-rw drives that might be used for piracy, and yet they also produce securom, meant to stop piracy?

I thought they sold LiteOn drives…

this point is so true. sony is just playing both sides just as big players always do. they are just concerned with profit…

Yes, but the purpose of a CD-RW is NOT piracy. Some people seem to think this, but there are many other things where you can use a CD-RW for. The only unlucky thing is that Sony sells CD-RW drives that easily copy their own protection (Lite-On), but I guess they’re not thinking about that when they make such a deal…

They even own a record company and they develop mp3 players

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They even own a record company and they develop mp3 players

Just as a sidenote: The MD players that they sell only allow you to transfer mp3 to your computer. Also they only allow you to check a file out of your computer and back into your computer only three times! :a To make things even worse, if an mp3 has no copyright info on it, you will not be able to play it or transfer it at all. So they are not as stupid as one may think. :frowning:

But they started to produce mp3 players not a md player

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That is a cd/mp3 player. An MD is a small cd/mp3 player. Sort of the same. The point is that Sony isnt that stupid.

I would guess with the latest version of SecureROM, that sony has looked at the burners they sell and developed the protection based on what their burners CAN’T copy.

On the other topics:

Don’t buy the Samsung MP3 CD players, or the RCA. They both SUCK, they work great for a week, then the performance goes wayyyy downhill.

granted the cd-rw is not meant for piracy, but lets face it, most people who buy cd burners are buying it to make their own cds and usually that means cd they download off kazaa or whatever

i duno, i have somethign like 200 backups of cds, and all my originals sit protected in their cases. im still giggling at kwkard (no offense)

“most people who buy cd burners are buying it to make their own cds”

thats a cookie :smiley:

what i meant by make their own cds is the ability to burn them. Whether they’re legal or not, people buy them to burn, hence the name cd burner. But more often than not, people are buying them to burn things illegaly.

i wonder if the new version of blindwrite is able to backup securom on sony writers…