Sony introduces new Blu-ray players

I just posted the article Sony introduces new Blu-ray players.

Eat it! That’s definatly what Sony and other companies are asking from us. As we said before everybody is either demonstrating or introducing Blu-ray products, but many consumers aren’t…

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Still $400-500 this fall ?! Ridiculous ! And for features that were in the $150 HD DVD players ! Prices better drop by black Friday / Holiday season, hopefully competition from Panasonic, Samsung etc… will force it…
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HD products stifle freedom. You cannot back them up, and they can put new limitations through a simple online update. That’s what they want us to pay for - to limit our own usage of the product.

I don’t think a 500 dollar player will be on many Americans shopping list. Right now, everyone is just trying to hold on to their houses! Internet “perks” coming soon! Oh wait…were talking Sony here One down one to go - Die Bluray :d PS for a Bluray “Upgrade” how about getting rid of region coding??? . :frowning:

How I was hoping to see these “cheap” and “new” players arrive… oops, sure they are worth the price. Especially when they will release another one in a weak or two. But never mind, sure there will be a lot of folks who run and buy it… you know it’s a $ony ! :r

Hey guys. You could always buy one of these cheap Blu-ray players :X

What they should do is add wireless networking to these players so that we could access the internet without the need for wires… The price?? :r

There you sony bashers go again…why don’t you move one and get a life arseholes.You’re just a tiny spec in a very big circle.