Sony introduces first high definition Blu-ray disc products



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 SONY ENHANCES  HIGH DEFINITION EXPERIENCE WITH INTRODUCTION OF FIRST BLU-RAY DISC  PRODUCTS  LAS VEGAS, March 16, 2006 - Sony Electronics today  debuted its first Blu-ray Disc(tm) (BD)...
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That looks remarkably like a LiteOn burner.


I see a few things wrong. 1) Player is too expensive 2) Writeable media is way too expensive 3) Its Sony I’ll pass until the prices come down, or the ‘format war’ is over.


Well, I dont see a reason to buy it now. Pass! Ill wail until there is a 12x BR Burner.:wink:
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How nice they are going to include software. Wonder what that will plant.


At least they’re being upfront with the software, this time. :wink:


HDMI HDCP DRM What a nice bunch of words! Ok, for commercial stuff we know that DRM is forcing the use of the other two “defenses”, but whar about personal films? Will this computer drive, prevent us to see HDDV in our DVI equiped monitors? Or will it demand that we put aside new hardware and force us to buy the “new” HDMI/HDCP compliant products…to prevent us from abusing the copyrihgt of out own camecorders recordings, and “downgrading” the image quality if we do noy go along? And, will this drive work with third party software or will it force us to install the Sony software, with all the “gooddies”?


for me, there is no need for high priced players and Advanced Anti Customer Services at the moment


AH! by the way…if this will handle 1080p, why Sony doesn’t sell in Europe its TV screens supporting this definition? Strange…as I can see them advertised today promising the happiness of HD and at the same time the player’s specs are well above.


well Now is not a right time to get a blu-ray buner!! and its way too expensive!! i will said maybe the End of 2007 then blu-ray/HD-DVD will start to booming!


Look at all the delays and pull backs as of late, and the fighting within their respective groups. They IMHO are just starting to figure out they got a billions of dollars lost in space formats that people are not happy with. Something has to give and I don’t think its going to be the costomer. The word is getting out and that I promise scares them. At $1000 a device and $60 media not to mention the $1000’s more in equipment to make it all work. This will pass like it was never was here in the first place. Holographic will suffer the same fate if it follows down the same path. While not likley what would happen if every equipment manufacture said “Nope we ain’t going to, We are a company that makes equipment” and your getting in the way.


1000 USD for the player and 20-60 USD for the discs? Ah ah ah… Nice try Sony! :B


i thought tdk was going to sell bd-r for under 10usd (8usd/disk if my memory is correct :wink: ) having 25 to 50GB/disk is nice, but it’s way too expensive. in u.s., you can buy 160GB hdd for 40 to 50usd when they are on sale…selling 300GB drives are sold for 70 to 100usd are not too uncommon. the pressed bd could cost only 2usd/disk (presumably single layer & according to image entertainment, a 3rd rate show rights holder) compare to 1usd/disk on dvd (dual layer)


I really like this one! “Video can also be “down-converted” to standard-definition (SD) resolution for burning onto a DVD disc” It’s a SONY, just like the VCR/DVD combo units, unless you recorded it, you can’t copy it!


Get the word out. Hurt them where it hurts. Make them pretend this was nothing more then a bad dream.


Check this - Who is going to be copying Blu-Ray movies when the Blanks cost more than the movies. (Nice Sony) Blu-ray needs good sales to get prices down and unless prices come down first that won’t happen. Manufacturers and Movie Studios will find not just better profit margin but also more sales in HD DVD. Blu-Ray in all aspects is just too expensive. HD DVD will get good sales with their lower prices and that will bring prices down more.


Wait. Something is wrong. HD DVD movies and Blu-Ray movies have similar Suggested retail price. Not good.


I’ll wait until a 25GB BD will cost 5$, then I am on it … maybe next year ?!? Who knows, anyway buying 1st gen bullcrap for this much money. NOOOOO WAYYYYY :stuck_out_tongue: