Sony introduces 240Hz Bravia TVs utilizing RFID

I just posted the article Sony introduces 240Hz Bravia TVs utilizing RFID.

Sony has introduced a new line of liquid crystal display (LCD) high-definition televisions (HDTVs) aimed at the Japanese market, with the TVs not likely coming to North America or Europe.

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Save all the good tech for Europe and the far East eh’? Oh well, I’m used to it. We don’t get projector phones or anything else, lol. Card readers, sounds like an awesome idea. mainstream 240hz, sounds like an even better idea :wink: One of the things that I cannot get straight is the 240-480hz wars and production that is going on currently in the sphere of TV manufacturers… is it largely marketing technique, or is it a legitimate need and necessitated advancement for viewing enrichment? If the current cables and processors that handle the signal and transfers of these new 4 and less millisecond refresh rates are not up to par to handle such a workload, and furthermore the broadcasts and current Hollywood recordings and productions are not shooting above 30fps, where is the true underlying justification for this emerging spec-tastic development? Is there a void that needs filled… will the hype proliferate into proof? We shall see… but I for one, am a spec junky! :wink: