Sony introduces 1st ISP to allow its music be shared via P2P

I dont really understand this, can anyone help me out?All i know is that sony is allowing their music to be on p2p. Now this is confusing, then everyone could get it but in the article it said something of monitoring and control network traffic using digital watermark recognition. This is confusing :doh:

From what I read before, Audible Magic works by examining data as it travels across the backbone (this takes place within the ISP), taking samples and then comparing it against a database, e.g. if the data is detected as MP3 data, it could compare an analysis of its acoustics against a database to check if it matches a given title.

Originally, Audible Magic was designed such that if it recognised data as a copyrighted work, it could terminate the connection. However, in this case it seems that it will only stop a connection if the data detected as one of Sony’s tracks is flowing to a non subscriber of the network.

It is rather odd to see Sony setting up a ISP specifically to share its own music over, considering how strongly Sony has been against piracy over the past number of years. :stuck_out_tongue:

thankz for the info. Now if someone have that mp3 file cant s/he make some adjustment so that the it could not tell if the other user is a subscriber or not so it would not terminate the connection?