Sony Internal 20x DVD Burner - SODRU840A



Sony Internal 20x DVD Burner - SODRU840A

I was thinking about getting this, my Pioneer 107d has been useless since day 1. However I don’t find many reviews on Sony writers, it’s $79 I’m happy with paying that, but am I missing out on a better (reliable/compatible) writer if I did?
Can anyone shed some light on this (or Sony writers in general),



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CDFreaks’ review on the DRU-840A:

The 840A is based on the Samsung SH-S202 PATA drive.


Hi, thanks for the link. I’m not filled with confidence in the Sony anymore. Could someone plz recommend me a new burner that will burn succesfully at 4 + speeds.
I’ll start a new post.


Yep, start a new thread - be very clear with your requirements: IDE vs. SATA, quality scanning functions, LightScribe/Labelflash etc, and we’ll see what we can do :slight_smile: