Sony Hl-dt-st Dvd-rom Gdr8163b



This unit worked great up until yesterday…I use it in conjunction with a SONY DVD RW DW-D22A burner and do a lot of DVD and CD backup. I run into cyclic redundancy errors a lot and I can hear the unit chugging hard. The symtoms are really strange to me but then again I don’t know much about the technical details of these units.
Audio in both DVD and CD playback using the DVD-ROM started distorting and crackles, pops and skips started happening. It happens with both original and copy discs. But copies of CD’s and DVD that I made after the problem showed up play fine in another player. I did notice that it takes twice as long to make the copy disc now and it appears that cpu useage is higher too.
Is the unit cooked?
I don’t know if firmware comes in to play…mine for the DVD ROM is 0S24. I haven’t been able to find anything on that firmware number after a fair amount of web searching.
Any help or comment would be appreciated!!
Thanks in advance…


Did you find anything out. I have the same drive. It really reads dvd’s slow. I was looking for a firmware update too.


Erm, this is a LG drive. I doubt, that you can find anything about that in this subforum here. Firmware should be available at