Sony Hi-Fi doesn't play cdr's

Is there a progam available (for burning mp3’s) to “fool” some new Hi-Fi’s on the market?

Any disc that i burn plays fine on my computer. Technics Hi-Fi and my Clarion unit in my car but doesn’t play on my friends new Sony system.

Is there any way around this problem?

What you could try is another brand of CDR.

I know that some stereo systems (especially High End) have trouble reading backup CDs (ran into this when I bought my DVD player, Onkyo couldn’'t handle backed up CDs, so I dropped that one…unfortunately).

My personal favourite is Philips Silver Premium CDR, they are great and hardly cause any problems.

This is more CDR quality related than it is because you burn MP3 as Audio CD.

My Pioneer hifi set also can’t play backupped discs! Only Lenco’s it can play! All others just won’t work! :frowning:
Must say that my set is about 11 yrs old! :wink:

If it’s a sony dvd system it’s normal it won’t read cd r discs because it’s meant not to do so…

Thanks for the input folks. My friend has decided to by a secondary cdr compatible CD-Rom and stick it through his aux port. An expensive option but he should have read the spec of his system before he bought it

Thanks again for the feedback.