Sony hedges bets with DVD formats

I just posted the article Sony hedges bets with DVD formats. reports that Sony is betting on two formats that should become the DVD standard. Sony believes in both DVD-RW and DVD+RW while both formates have their advantages and disadvantages…

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4 fuk sake - why can’t they just get their poxy act together ! Fantastic new technology always seems to be limited by short sighted wanky standardz ! :frowning:

I think they should strike up a committee, get a government task force, spend billions on figuring out which one is the most likely to be the best, pick the wrong one because som govenors wife’s nephew likes it, spend millions on radio, tv, internet advertising, then throw it all out the window because the ‘consumers’ picked the one that worked best for them!:wink: Why don’t they just set up a pole to ask US which WE prefer because it is US that is going to be spending the bucks on it anyway:8

This format war is holding up everything and it’s because of GREED I’m waiting to buy a new puter that has USB 2.0 AND DVD+RW then I’ll buy! Anyone selling these yet??

Why all these formats were delayed for such a longggggg time? When first DVD-R was released in 1997…upto now we then see DVD+RW, DVD-RAM and DVD-RW? Is it very difficult to handle the backward compatibility? Or because of something else? Whats your take?

Check out a new Hitachi DVD drive coming out in the first quarter of 2002. It will be the first drive to write ALL standards ie. RAM and R variations + be at the $500 mark. Guess Hitachi got just as pissed off with the format war as we did :slight_smile: