Sony HandyCam - No playback DVD-R



[qanda]This thread is about the Sony DCR-DVD7. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi everyone, thanks for looking at my stupid question. :bow:

We recently bought a Sony Handycam Hybrid DVD710. Next day we went to Disney with it, without reading too much on the manual. We bought these these silly 30 minutes DVD-R’s on the way to the airport, so we just used them for the trip.

2 of my 4 disks won’t playback, or show that there is anything even TO play back. I know that you have to leave room at the end of these disks in order to finalize them, and both disks were run right to the end. When I check the Media Info on it, it says 0 minutes left, so I suppose that the images are all still on there or it wouldn’t recognize the disk as being full. :confused: The other two that WILL play back, had a few mins left, and I could finalize the disks fine, and play them back fine.

Question is…what the heck do I do with these things to get them to playback somwhow? I have to finalize the disks to get them to play on other devices, yet I didn’t leave room to finalize, and it’s a DVD-R, so I can’t even delete something to make room. The device won’t even show me the playback on itself right now, and I can only assume it has something to do with the clack of room since both of the 2 maxed out disks are doing it.


might want to give this a read and/or try the program out