Sony handycam camcorder minidvd only read on the camcorder

i cannot read it with a pc dvd reader/burner nor hardware dvd players with the pc, the disk is reported by nero 7 and easy cd creator as with it’s only session opened (unknown mode1), easy cd creator gives me an option to finalize it but when i click it, it won’t do anything and the minidvd remains session opened, i know the best solution would be to finalize it with the camera but i don’t have that camera anymore, so, i would like to know someone who can advice me what pc software could help me on this, so far, i’ve used nero 7, easy cd creator 6.2, dvd decrypter, cdrwin and fireburner with no luck.

I think that a USB cable hooked into that cam may work, and just upload it to Windows Movie Maker. You sony handycam should have came with one. If you can find one that hooks into it dowload a driver from here:
After you done that use Nero to create a New DVD, and make sure you cilck the DVD tab at the top of the box.
If you need any more help just PM me or smothing.

as i wrote before, i don’t have the camera anymore so, none of what you wrote would work without the physical camera, thanks anyway.

Did you ever find a program that worked?

Well since you asked, ISO Buster and ISO Puzzle are two programs used for such situations. They likely weren’t available 5 years ago when this thread was started.