Sony, Google form alliance to fight for new home TV standard

Sony, Google form alliance to fight for new home TV standard.

[newsimage][/newsimage]When multiple corporations agree on a single issue, vowing to put aside differences and work together to see it accomplished, there's usually cause for concern. After all, decisions made by a single company - like Sony -  impacts millions of people. Imagine then the implications of several corporations banning together for the common "good." In this case, a battle over the capabilities of consumers' TV sets - specifically, enhancing those capabilities to make it simpler to view more content. Pick a side: the "AllVid Tech Company Alliance," or Big Cable. The fate of what your TV can do lies in the balance.

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Once HDTV’s have the ability to get video over wifi and/or ethernet, USB, hdmi ports… the cable industry will be hurt by cord cutters. This will accelerate in 2012 when consumers likely see another double digit increase in the price of cable-tv service. That will push alot of customers to cancel cable-tv service for OTA antennas and internet streaming/downloading & viewing of content on local storage (hard drives).