Sony getting Hotz under the collar

Unless you’re being a little kinky, and you’ve got your head buried in the sand like a ostrich with low self esteem, you’ve heard of the case between Sony Computer Entertainment suing George Hotz (GeoHot) because he pissed all over their crappy PS3 security, proved that Sony engineers are a bunch of incontinent grannies better suited to abaci, and told everyone how to get their beloved “Other OS” back, after Sony unlawfully revoked this advertised capability during a dummy spat, and can now also use “Homebrew” proggies …

Personally, I can’t wait to get XBox Media Server, or something even better with Dual TV tuner support :iagree:
The PS3’s playback capabilities are extremely limited - for no consumer-friendly reason.

Anyway, what’s your spin on the:

Upstanding, defender of civil liberties, protector of human rights, the Honourable


Sadistic, Masochistic, Fascist, psychopathic terrorist Organisation,

There’s a poll, if you care to Vote.

Hmm, same Sony company that installed the lovely “rootkits” on their music cds from their label a few years back effectively installing spyware on your PC and got busted for it. The same Sony company that boasted that it’s ARCCOS protection was unbreakable and within a month the author of a freeware app (DVD Decrypter) had it cracked. I guess Sony’s millions of dollars of research and development into that unbreakable protection really paid off. Sony once upon a time was a benchmark of quality (pre-1990s) but since then has turned into a bunch of money grubbing incompetent jerks with strong-arm like business mentality. Solution: Execute everyone in senior management, fire everyone in their R&D section and hire a bunch of competent freeware designers to take over. Of course this is all just wishful thinking. :wink:

Sony is the world’s fifth largest media conglomerate. They cannot lose the case, no matter how much democracy and justice you throw at them.