Sony gets into the warranty game for PS3, PSP



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For gamers who worry that their Playstation 3 or PSP consoles aren’t built to last, Sony now offers its own protection plan.

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ugh how did we end up with such short warantees, and now companies charge extra just for the privledge that the stuff they sell you won’t fry… thats pretty lame.

Sony should have enough confidence in their hardware that shouldn’t need to charge for it.


Many companies and shops make a lot of their profit by selling you a extra warranty that they should have included with the product in the first place:a
For most it’s a pure cash cow because most of the items don’t break anyways or when it does you can’t find the receipt to use it. That’s also why many went to rebates, they don’t have to actually drop their prices and most folks wont bother to go to the work to claim it or they find ways to deny it. Some of the rebate house even guarantee that X amount will not get claimed.
I that having to pay extra for something that should have been included because they believe they make great reliable products.
Well at least they include a 1 year warranty, I hate typical 90 day ones most offer now.


Sony won’t cover accidental damage, environmental damage or acts of God
Jesus better stay off my console!