Sony G120A/Q120A Firmware help

just just got a Sony G120A and Sony Q120A as a replacement of my older drives, as it seems G120A is a better drive because it has DVD-RAM support
DW-Q120A = SHW-160P6S
DW-G120A = SHM-165P6S (+ DVD-RAM support)
am i right?

so what is the latest/best firmware for these drives, please let me know.

kniwor, yes you are correct about the drive model numbers.

The latest official firmware for you drive is MYR4 or MYS3 which you can find in this thread.

You can also flash it to LiteOn 165P6S firmware but this will void your warranty. The latest 165P6S firmware is MS0P and you can find a version that will allow you to crossflash here. You can also use the latest LiteOn supplied test firmware, which you will find here. :wink:

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C0deKing can you use the LiteOn firmware and still have the drive show up as a Sony in BIOS etc?


I own a crossflashed DW-G120A, the drive is connected to an USB enclosure. If I call the boot menu of my BIOS, it shows up as Liteon SHM-165P6S, but if I write a DVD-R, the disc information stored on the disc still shows Sony DW-G120A. The latter is not uncommon, even some “real” Liteons, that were never crossflashed show this.


There are two series of firmwares for that drive. MYS3 and MYS4 are intended for OEM drives, MYR3 and MYR4 were for the “branded” ones.
The difference (if there is any) seems to be marketing induced. You can use both on that drive without the need of patching them.
MYS3 and MYR3 have much better CD-R quality, Sony/Liteon damaged something there with newer firmware releases.


i guess i have MYS3 right now, should i put in something else or this one’s the best, also nobody answered me about the firmware for Q120, which one is good for it.


if MY*3 firmware is the best for you, this depends on your needs. This is indeed the best firmware for CD burning, but it has problems with DVD-R media.

Can’t say anything about Q120A, as I don’t have that drive.


Unfortunately not without overriding the patch protection they have on bank 0 of the firmware. :wink:

PY*2 is the latest version I know of but if it was me, I’d be flashing it to the latest LiteOn 160P6S (PV9N) test firmware. :wink:

sorry for the mistake, i checked and i have PY*2 and MYS4, on my drives, so i think i will keep it that way, is lite-on firmware any better, i hardly read/write CD’s but what i can do is flash Q120A with a firmware that is good for CD read/write and G120A with something that is good for DVD work, would u suggest flashing lite-on firmware, i dont care about warranties at all.


I would do this the other way round: Flash MYS3 or MYR3 on DW-[B]G[/B]120A (best firmware for CD burning) and latest firmware from Sony to you DW-[B]Q[/B]120A for DVD writing. If Liteon firmware is significantly newer, you might crossflash the DW-Q120A to Liteon 160P6S. But first try with official firmware.

For going back to MY*3 firmware on DW-G120A, you’ll need a patched version allowing you to install an older firmware. There is one in the firmware thread.


ok, i tried to figure out which one is the patched version, so help me with this, i dont want to screw things up.

thanks a lot, so i have MYR3 on G120A and PYS2 on Q120 finally