Sony G120A firmware

Well, it is known already that Sony G120A model is identical to Liteon 165p6s; I have the MYS3 firmware installed but recently I saw MYR3 firmware on the download section… I am a little confused, which one is more recent and better. Normally S should be more recent than R version because it seems logically to name the versions alphabetically but this might not be the case here; does anyone have a clue?


MYR3 F/W is the last release (

you can also use the 165p6s firmware and get smartburn, overspeed and hypertuning support.
you’ll loose warranty, but there’s not gonna happen anything that could damage the drive.

I already use the Liteon and believe me I got worse results on MBIR05 media I burn nowadays… so I stick for now with the Sony firmware… I thought Sony only uses Liteon’s firmwares but in this particular case I accepted the fact: better burns with Sony’s.