Sony forces Lik-Sang out of business

I just posted the article Sony forces Lik-Sang out of business.

 Saturniana used our news submit to tell us that with the company that offered imports to many a gamer, sometimes
offering consoles months in advance has closed down. The reason…

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Yes, this is very good news indeed. Now the high prices can be maintained! With ever stricter Region Coding and copy protections on HD-DVD & Blu-Ray, the MPAA can do the same thing. I am looking forward to this very much. Jack

Thank you so much you SONY F****S!!! :r [guys! no profanity! I agree it stinks, but come on…]
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Sony has already responded: “We would therefore strongly deny that our actions have had anything to do with this website closing (we assume the legal entity is still trading), and would suggest that this release is sour grapes on behalf of Lik-Sang which is aimed to belittle Sony Computer Entertainment and the British judicial system that found against them.”

That’s it Sony, I had enough of you morons. You SCUM almost fd up the popularity of DVD’s with a competing format, that was merged in the 11th hour. You SCUM fd up the popularity and wide-spread use of high definition CD’s by NOT coming to a standard on SACD and DVD-Audio. You SCUM have f****d up the next generation DVD, High definition by not merging to a standard instead of two competing formats Blue-Ray and HD-DVD. You SCUM have installed defective batteries in millions of Laptop computers causing fires, loss of data and property. You SCUM have sneakingly installed spyware (rootkits) on unaware people’s computers. You SCUM force the shutdown of a business selling your products and thereby restricting free trade. SONY you SCUM are on my permanent s**tlist on the very top, and I will never buy anything every again with your name on it!!! [no cursing!]
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DKDiveDude: with a rant and bad language like that, you are obviously a pirate who has been put out of business by this latest action. Right, that’s one less of you out there then. Jack

Ok Sony fanboy, how is it obvious that I am a pirate, “One who makes use of or reproduces the work of another without authorization”. I don’t steal, nor copy other’s work and give it away or resell it… [no cursing or flaming!]
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Is this really Jack Valenti from the MPAA?

Valenti, because of your inflamatory posts, I will bring this to the attention of other CDFreaks staffers. Flaming is NEVER allowed! :frowning:

Well, that is certainly restricting free trade on Sony’s part, as well as stifling competition. Sony moved against DVDDecrypter (there’s a thread addressing this in our forums) and now this? Sony can attempt to paint this any way it wants, but this action now constitutes a pattern, showing Sony is anti-competition and will resort to any low blows to help itself. It’s just sad a more ‘superior’ international court or the WTO (or whoever could do it) does not take action against Sony for this obvious violation–or at least someone should stand up with the legal authority to vacate such an outrageous ‘verdict.’
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> Sony moved against DVDDecrypter … < No, they didn’t. It was Macrovision, remember?

Err… It seems to me that it was actually a court who found that Sony had the law on its side and found against Lyk-Sang? The court in the UK? Also it looks like the laws, at least in the the EU, are on Sony’s side, notably the part refering to the, so called, “grey imports”. I also don’t understand what you mean with “stifling competition”? What competition? Sony don’t want that Sony products are sold!!! AFAIK Sony is not against Lyk-Sang selling European units in Europe. They are against them selling Asian and/or US units in Europe. That’s where the law appears to be on their side. And you are naive if you think anyone cares if companies are suing each others to pieces. It’s common practice, especially in the US.
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And while I saw the ‘court’ ruled for Sony, I don’t see this would have happened 15 years ago. What I should have said is that a more ‘superior’ court or authority should overturn that verdict. BTW, I do not condone anyone suing anyone else ‘to pieces’ as I equally oppose lawsuits to bully people, corporations or whatever. I strongly lament the fact too many ‘judgments’ are made based more on money or personal interest, than what is the law. Actually, there are people who care about real ‘law’ not being ruled on or otherwise having rights trampled. The sad part is that those people aren’t in a position to change things, because the entire world is going to ‘hell in a handcart’ with regards to ruling on ‘law.’ Anymore, rulings are based on feelings or opinions, not fact. This is sadly endemic to all countries to differing degrees.
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Ian@CDRLabs sez: [I] Is this really Jack Valenti from the MPAA?[/I] No it is not. It is a rather humorous troll. :g Even though I wondered at first, since Valenti once had his hair cut by fire, (I thought it cooked his brain) after reading a few of this members reactions, I realised he is just having some fun and using anothers name. Just everyone-don’t let him/her get under your skin. Just laugh at the nonsense.

Sony attacks Lik-Sang’s weak point for MASSIVE DAMAGE… coming up next, it’s Ridge Racer, RIIIIIIIIIIDGE RAAACER!!! (Shamelessly stolen from

Having followed the SCO v. IBM & Novell & Linux for a very LONG time (over 2 years, I think), via the Groklaw website, I came to the realization that, indeed, the law and the justice process, in this case, in the US, is IMHO seriously broken. Therefore I share your views on much of what you said. But, it will not be organizations like the WTO, etc, who will change it. It would take citizen movements with a high degree of motivation and perseverance to have any chance of accomplishing anything. But I doubt it will happen so, ranting on websites, is little more than that and will not accomplish much.

no such thing as a grey import, what is meant by this is, if you sell in europe a product from asia, then we can’t sell in europe at the higher price we intend to.

Doesn’t everybody know, you are all pirates under both the RIAA & MPAA, they just have to prove it first. Don’ take it personally. With Lik-Sang out of business, if you live in Europe, just go to any sidewalk sales, you’ll usually find Asian imports there, not just Sony’s stuff, but all kinds of cool stuff.

bit-tech brings up an interesting point about warranty.

$ony’s claims about grey import could be solved easily: 1, Europeans have to get the stuff at the same time as in Asia/US 2, The price difference should be reduced to ZERO. Does anyone really belive that a product which is sold for 100 USD has to be sold for 126 EURO ? (even the higher tax does not cause such a price difference) Does it stop grey import or so ? Let’s not go into the X360 story, Japanese people could get it for almost half price than we Europeans. There is no any reason to make such differences. Making a PAL/NTSC console costs the same, so why to pay 2 times more ? Games also can be mentioned. Seems we Europeans have to pay the high price… And $ony is wondering why piracy/grey import grows. :frowning: regards, Stephen