Sony firmware on LiteOn Question

“Sony upgrades its 710 series to 12x DVD-R and 4x DVD+R DL via firmware update”

Now would this firmware do any good on LiteOn 832S?
Is 832S firmware compatible with Sony 700 or 710 series?
What is the best Sony firmware for 832S in regards to -R burns?
What are the chances 832S gets upgraded to 4x DL?

geez didn’t expect I’d ask so many question… LOL :bigsmile:

thx y’all :slight_smile:

No, you cannot use this firmware in an 832S. The hardware in different.

832S and 700A are the same hardware and 700A firmware can be used in the 832S.

Some say that VY06 is better for -R burning than VS0B (but try VS0E first ;)).

There is very little chance that 4x DL will be released for the 832S.

All I found was firmware for the 700, not the 710.

Both links, including the cdfreaks update to the ‘right’ firmware location, which links to the 700 instead to the 710, lead to dead ends. The update is not available yet on the sony sites.

Thanks C0de.

Well I guess 832S will have to do until next upgrade… 8x +/-RW and 8x DL :slight_smile:

Don’t hold your breath.

Riiight… it was the same “don’t hold your breath” for 16x drives before Philips showcased its drive last Spring. It’ doesn’t matter, I read that 8x +/-RW standards were prepared, or presented before the dvd consortium so I wouldn’t be surprised that before next Spring we see 8x +/-RW… maybe 8x DL drives even before that.

I mean, damn, even now it’s not the speed of drives that holds us from enjoying top burning speeds. It’s the media. I am not saying that media will be there, I am sure it won’t, but drives are different story. As usual.

Im saying dont expect the 832s to be upgraded!

LOL… that was misunderstanding, sorry jake man, yeah I don’t expect that 832S to be upgraded. :iagree:

No problem!!!

where can we download the new sony 710 firmware? Its not on codeguys website or sonys website…i checked them both.i wanna try this firmware out, it might be better 1653s…where can i get it?

the sony 710 is a rebadged liteon 1633S. so it’s firmware can’t be compared with the 1653S one.

If you read the article thats attached in this thread about the new sony 710 firmware that writes at 4x DL, you will know what firmware im talking bout. That new firmware is just like 1653 but sony brand.

so can the new sony firmware (12X for -R and 4x for DL) be used on the liteon 1633s? does it need to be OP’ed or no?

it has not been released yet, is this true?

It has not been released yet. I doubt whether the Sony flasher will allow it but in our flasher it should work without enabling crossflash. shrug Just guessing though.

My interpretation of this whole Sony fuss is this:

1/ The 1633S and 1653S are two identical drives with different firmware.
2/ The Sony 710A is a rebadged 1633S, but because the two drives are identical except for what firmware you load on it, the 710A is also technically a rebadged 1653S at the same time.
3/ Now that the 1653S is available, Sony wants to officially support a firmware upgrade from a 1633S-based firmware to a 1653S-based firmware… because… for some reason, Sony suddenly decided to care somewhat more about its customers (doesn’t seem very Sony-like, if you ask me).

you’re right. i replied to “meghalc” cause he said that this firmware might be better than the 1653s one. they are the same drives and sony just made a great improvement in consumer support.

:slight_smile: that seems to be an encouraging sign … i decided not to buy sony for a while because of their support - seems like a step in the right direction … (we’ve been making the steps for the liteon drives though … it’s still good)