Sony fires back at Microsoft, Netflix

I just posted the article Sony fires back at Microsoft, Netflix.

Microsoft and Netflix are not surprisingly celebrating their success now that there are more than one million Microsoft Xbox 360 users are on Xbox Live accessing the streaming Netflix…

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netflix through xbox live is awesome.

I agree!

I’ll admit that there are still some kinks in the streaing Netflix service, but I’ve been quite pleased with the service I’ve received so far.

yeah good on you sony!

thanks for giving us europians sweet FA while the 360 gives the worldwide a film service!!:confused:

wouldn’t be so bad, but i would be willing to pay for it if they ever decide to bring out a service out over here!

Sony is being really DUMB here. UMMMM…let’s state the facts:

Rentals for PS3 & Xbox 360: BOTH FREE
You DO NOT need Netflix to rent on Live Marketplace.
Both Live Marketplace and PS3 Store are PPV

Buying Movies: You cannot buy movies off Live Marketplace, but can buy movies off of PS3 Store.

 Price: $9.99 - $14.99 per Movie.
 Nice (hidden) fact: If you delete the content from you're PS3, they only give you 1 FREE re-download. After that, you have to RE-BUY the content. (This includes if you get a new HDD or new PS3 as well.)

Streaming All-You-Can-Watch Content:
ONLY Available on Xbox 360 w/ Netflix.
Cost: $50/year (Live Gold) + $9/month (Netflix)

Now here is an argument: If I rent a movie, I only have it for 24 hours. But, if I watch a movie on Netflix, I have access to it whenever I want. So, below, I will compare prices for BUYING PS3 Movies vs Watching them on Netflix on 360. (I am even including the $50/year for Live Gold, instead of just 1 month of Live Gold which is $7/month)

1 Month, watching 10 Movies on Xbox(1 year gold)/Netflix: $60
1 Month, watching 10 Movies on Xbox(1 month gold)/Netflix: $17
1 Month, buying 10 Movies on PS3 at 9.99/each: $100

Hmmm…what is the better deal here??? NOTE: w/ Netflix, you actually get to watch an UNLIMITED Amount of movies that are available through their Online content.

as i put on another thread here, i’m amazed that there is only 1million subscribed to the netflix service! and the fact that you have to have the gold membership to use the netflix service, to me thats dumb. if they hauled it out to the silver members, then they could make even more of a killing with rentals!!

Don’t forget to add Tivo the mix.

is tivo on the 360 too?

I have Netflix, and have for more than a few months - and even though I am a very freq computer user, I still watch 85+ percent of my DVD’s on the TV with the DVD player. I don’t own either 360 or PS3… BUT… I can say that I would invest in a PS3 before an Xbox, simply because of both the broswer ability, hardware superiority, and the seemingly endless ability to update and improve the PS3 with Linux etc. I’m definitely no expert… but in my opinion I would use the PS3 simply because I can stream HD movies with it, which is huge, and I can also use my TV as an all-in-one center (PC, Home Theater in one) with the PS3.

I won’t make the investment though until PS3 reaches it rumored $250-$260 price tag. I am patient :slight_smile:

Any thoughts on my above points?


So Netflix opens up ALL of their movies for Xbox streaming, NOT just the ones I can watch at home on my PC? If that is so, then I would agree that it would in fact be a better deal, although in my last post I mentioned I thought PS3 would be the better choice.

I have had Netflix for about 6 months now, and truly like it, but the “Watch Now” collection online is sad, hardly anything worth watching. So I have to watch the mail like a hawk… now, if that would change with X360, it would give PS3 a fight. In the end though, I’m afraid I am just a PS3 fan (although I don’t own one) simply because of the potential it has for so many apps and computing power/programs etc.

I have never heard of that either… 360 is COMPATIBLE with Tivo, or it has Tivo BUILT-IN capability? I’d find it hard to believe… but tech is improving all the time. Hmmmm…

yeah, i know you can stream video/music to ps3 from your PC, but i think you can do that for the 360 too? browsers better on the 360 from what i’ve heard, but you have to pay for the privilage. but the linux OS is a brilliant idea for the ps3, although you need to download the iso to your pc first!

if you’re in the US, then you can use the ps3 movie store. if you’re europian, then you can purchase playTV, for watching/recording at the same time, in upscaled ability. (and watch your movies on the toilet, or with wireless anywhere in the world on a PSP)

hardware is more reliable with the ps3, as the 360 can allegedly scratch your disks, and occasionally, you may get a 360 that’ll have the Red Ring of Death! all that means is that a peice of solder comes loose inside the machine, and then you send it back to MS, who will send you a replacement.

360 does have more varied game collection, but the PS3 is starting to catch up.

the fact that you can use the PS3’s bluray for video playback in 1080p is a bonus too!!

I think you can do the same sort of thing with the 360 as an all in one centre, other than the bluray player, if you go for the elite version. Both Upscale DVD’s.

however, i’ve bought another PS3 as an all in one media centre for my sitting room, as you are thinking about doing yourself, and i’m more than happy!

tried to make this argument as equal as possible, so no FANBOYS from either console, no getting grumpy please, unless its constructive!!


No, their online content is same on 360 as PC. The thing to remember is, they stated this year they hope to dramatically increase the amount of movies on their streaming content.

Tivo is not on 360. I think gamo62 is talking about the fact that Tivo also has support for Netflix