Sony fires 290 people because of piracy

I just posted the article Sony fires 290 people because of piracy.

The Dutch website Webwereld is reporting that Sony has fired 80% of their 355 employees from one of their offices in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

According to Sony they had to fire these people…

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Assholes! I hate how businesses need excuses for lay-offs. The truth is most likely that they hired some consultants to come in and re-evaluate their operations in efforts to find a way to cut costs and increase proffits. It was found that they could cut 355 jobs with little or no hinderance to their global prodution capacity and save the money that would otherwise be wasted on theses people’s lives. I hate business because it completely lacks compassion. Wow now all of the top execs in Sony can get a cople hundred extra dollars a year and the profit margin for this already giant company will be increased by a barely discernable incriment.

I agree! If Sony saw any way to squeeze a few cents extra out of costs they will, even if they make a 100 Gazillion dollar profit a year. It’s a corperation! It’s killing two birds with one stone, to lay off people and give piracy more blame. Fuck Sony! :frowning:

Shame on Sony! :r

And none of their drives can do correct EFM encoding! They never learned anything after the whole Betamax mess. They should stop blaming their losses on piracy and start giving customers the products and features they want. Hey Sony! Get better engineers or switch to products that customers don’t care about - like oven mitts! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sony should have blamed 9/11 for their layoffs, everyone else around here is. The piracy excuse is lame, the majority of people who pirate would never by the audio CD’s in the first place. :d How about blaming high prices for their layoffs due to industry collusion? In times of recession, people don’t want to pay nearly the same price for an audio cd as a DVD, especially when a lot of the newer acts only have 1-2 good songs a CD. :8

Ok Sony mark my words: There is only one way to stop piracy! Stop producing CD-R/W or DVD-R/W disks. No you do not do this because that is going to costs more money than normal cds in a shop. Everyone STOP Producing portable MP3players! KILL Winamp! Kill filesharing programs. MAKE Impossible to hack or complete only read mediums and raise the prices EVERYONE DO NOT BUY CDS FROM SNOY AGAIN!!! KILL SONY yeah yeah! :4

Is this news real? Face it people, this is how corporation works, what else you are going to do when being laid off? Nothing, find a new job and go on with your life. There is NOTHING you can do about Sony except “BOYCOTT” their products. Hard?

you people are fools. of all those posts i just read, i wouldnt believe if 1 of you were older than 6 years old. fools.

Actually, Sony only had an income after taxes of about $234 USD in the 9 months preceding 12/31/01, which isn’t a hell of a lot for a company like Sony, especially since they’re constantly developing newer, more expensive things. However, when I looked into it, every reason EXCEPT piracy was given for the lack of income (like, for instance, stupid mismanagement) So the piracy thing is bullshit, but the layoffs may have been necessary :frowning: But then again, what the hell do I know? They could just be a bunch of corrupt lying bitches like those bastards at Enron. Can’t trust the numbers companies give out.

Sony’s leaking so much money they don’t know what to do right. They waste gobs of money on failed technologies (I swear they pushed MiniDisc for years…worthless!!!) and now they’re trying to make MiniDisc based camcorders (crappy video…worthless!!!). Their warranty repair is ridiculous…I had a Digital-8 camcorder that the I-Link port was dead out of the box. They paid a local authorized repair shop $130 to replace the part on a $700 camera!!! Why didn’t they just Fed-Ex me a replacement and take mine back to the factory??? Now they are lashing out at piracy??? Get real Sony…fix your internal problems and maybe you’ll see some profits (and Jeez…kill the MiniDisc already). :4

I haven’t bought a Sony product in years, because every piece of sh*t i buy from tehm breaks. I never ever will purchase Sony products, and their apparent lack of compassion for their own workers is yet another appalling, compelling reason for me to hate them and their garbage products. Nothing they make is worth anywhere near what it’s priced at, and I’m really tired of Sony products being perceived by ignorant consumers as the paragon of the electronics world. They remind me a lot of Intel in that regard…