Sony finds use for old DVDs - fire retardant PC cases!

I just posted the article Sony finds use for old DVDs - fire retardant PC cases!.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us that Sony is trying to do something positive for a change. Are they turning over a new leaf? Or, are they just concerned about devices they…

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I still suspect Sony is cutting a few corners here to make the cases, since they are probably using many DVD mids that are Ritek and most certainly are taking advantage of the landfill PRINCO media. Wow! Who thought PRINCO could ever be used for such a beneficial purpose? :B ROFL!

PC case courtesy of AOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Well Sony had to do something with all the media they got back after that rootkit.:wink:

well, if you’re going to use sony batteries on your notebook, you’re gonna NEED fire-proof casing anyway…

What happens when the new RFID protected discs come out? My case will have RFID tags all over the place! Arghh… another bad for DRM! :d