Sony finally pulls the plug on production of the PSOne

I just posted the article Sony finally pulls the plug on production of the PSOne.

 No matter  how sophisticated  a gaming PC one may build or buy, give it two to three years and without  any upgrading, it will become difficult to find a game that will run to its  full...
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Hey, I just got my PS2 this past weekend. :X

and when they at it, they might as well pull the plug on the PSP :stuck_out_tongue:

> … since Sony announced that they are working on an emulator for the Playstation Portable to allow users to play PSOne titles on their handheld < Huh? I wonder how you put a PS1 CD into the UMD slot in the PSP?

you download them and put them on the memory stick, most PS games were tiny and the discs are just full of music.

Yeah and watch what happens when the emulator software is cracked to let PSP games run on the shell.

Its also funny that the least powerful console of that time won the battle. As the N64 and Sega Saturn were more powerful.

a) that is not true b) the n64 came almost 2 years later on the market with a questionable more powerfull chipset

I should have been done years ago. Its an dinosaur…