Sony Fights PS2 Piracy

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According to Sony representatives in Tokyo, the internal PlayStation2 hardware is being slightly remodeled to defeat PS2 modchips which allow users…

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Dosn’t matter.
Some guy will find a way the mod thoses new model PS2’s, it will only be a matter of time & when the PS2 comes out offically in the US & Europe, then will be seeing more chips & swap tricks.
Never under estimate the power of hacking :slight_smile:

Think i dont understand is after all the probs sony had with piracy on the first PSX, you would have thourght they would have done more to prevent piracy on the PSX2… but infact they made it easier!
looks like the only wat to prevent piracy is to make shit games… then no one will feel the need to pirate them. Or just to drop your prices.

I must admit, if prices came down to half price or less, I would still make backups.

They need to be as cheap as 20% of the original price.

nothing is perfect!!!