Sony faces Blu-ray patent lawsuit

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As Sony continues to promote its Blu-ray format, another relatively unknown company has launched a lawsuit against the popular Japanese company, in an attempt to cash in on Blu-ray. The Orinda…

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Since I doubt this is a legitimate lawsuit in which Sony will actually have to shell out some cash, it’s a shame to see their lawyers have to waste time with crap like this.

Looks like another tiny company trying to steal a few bucks off Sony/Blu Ray

Patent trolls, that’s how these guys are usually called.

I son’t think Sony is worried. They are more concerned with trying to recoup R&D costs associated with Beta-ray.

Wow Bitrate, you should think of persuing a career in comedy…brilliant stuff.:clap:

Sony doesn’t have to be worried about these “patent slime-balls”.

The fact that Orinda “did not go into specifics” tells me that their case won’t hold up in court. The courts will throw this one out faster than anybody could ever imagine.

Orinda: Get your proof, or get the h*ll out! Sony’s gonna squish you like a bug!!! No proof = no case … 'nuff said!

Excellent, and I hope we get hundreds of these lawsuits for every new technology that a big company makes.

May they sue the entire patent system to death!

Thats the only way to get sanity back in the system. Make the big guys so tired of the whole thing that they ask all the politicians they sponsor to shut the patent offices down.

We did not get to where we are here now, by not copying and improving on other’s ideas .I guess if the Portuguese patented ship designs our north american asses would be still back in Europe. The Americas would be null. If we continue down this path we won’t see any inovation for decades ala Bush / Mccain Stupidity War Lovers… Although no a single person from any bank has ever been arrested for war crimes even though wars can not WORK without money and banks!!!

If you invent a product you should get the credit for it… However you shouldn’t allow your invention to be the only one for a thousand years… Aristotle anyone??

Live in Canada but America wake up !!! Elect Obama so your ass won’t go out on yet another War!!! and yet another massive debt to China… Christ I think Chine owns USA now… Scary!!

We in the United States live in the most litigation prone society in the world, it should be no supprise that another friviolus lawsuit has been filed, the bottom line is that although lawsuits are always claimed to be over unfairness or damages the truth is it’s NEARLY always the MONEY, thats just the way we are un the United States of America.

Sony … isn’t that the company which sued the innovative BLEEM! producers to death … the product that allowed us to play OUR PlayStation games on OUR computers? That Sony? No tears here for that Sony. :a

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