Sony External DVD+R Dual Layer, Double Layer

I bought my Sony External Burner a week ago but I think I bought the wrong DVD’s. Im currently using Memorex DVD-R 16x and when ever Im watching a movie on a DVD I have made it skips every 15 minutes or so I was wondering if its my DVD or the Burner itself

If someone can help me I would appreciate it thanks.

Link to the actual burner.

I have the internal version of the drive, the DRU-810A. It’s based on a well-regarded
drive, the BenQ DW1640, and I’ve had great luck with mine so far. I’d try different
media - myy favorite at the moment is Fuji 8x DVD-R. I had Verbatim DVD-R give me
flaky results from my LiteOn 5005, and a media change made all the difference.

Rob T

I would avoid all Memorex DVD media - you’ll never know what you really get, especially in case of quality.

Ritek Media the only stuff i burn on… maybe 1 coaster outta 500

You should never use REITEK DL media then. It would shock you… :smiley:

HAHAHAH… Just swapped out this LiteOn crap i just had to another sony… This time i got a dru800a and a 500a … but this Prodisk media sucks…


What do you think a SONY DRU-800A is???

Sony DVD RW DRU-800A
OEM Liteon SOHW-1693S drive

yes, the 800 is a lite-on the 810 is the benq… I almost made the same mistake last week… btw ***CANADIANS***tigerdirect (canadian site) has em on for $109 canadian right now!!!