Sony external DVD drive/Nero7 probs

I’m hoping somebody can help me, i wanted to save wear and tear on my laptops internal drive so bought a sony DVD-RW drive and installed it in a caddy connected via USB2.

The problem is there seems to be a compatibility issue with Nero, when the drive is plugged in Nero freezes on a regular basis, as soon as i unplug the drive Nero’s fine…Prior to using the external drive I’d had no probs with Nero at all.

I was using Nero 6, upgraded to 7 last weekend and it’s made no difference…

As far as i can see the drive is working fine, i can play a film on it without any issues, the problems only happen when i start Nero…

Any ideas?


The problem is the chipset/drivers from the USB enclosure, most likely not Nero anyway.

Thanks for the reply - any ideas on how to fix it though?


Try to find out what specific chipset is in the enclosure and then try to find an firmware update for it.

Good Luck!