Sony expected to post first loss since 1995

I just posted the article Sony expected to post first loss since 1995.

As we all become accustomed to hearing about companies struggling and reducing costs by laying off workers, tech juggernaut Sony is expected to to post its first loss since 1995, Japanese sources…

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Gosh, this couldn’t have anything to do with spending gazillions of dollars to buy the HD format war, or selling PS3s at a loss, could it?

It is what they deserve. Consumer-hating companies should all go under.

We need a bailout for Sony!
So what if they’re not an American company? If they lose those jobs in Japan, then we will sell fewer American cars there!.. oh, wait…we normally don’t sell that many of them there, anyway… Never mind, it will still be part of the new Socialist World Utopia! We can do it! Yes we can!

@ CDan: I just read where Disney is packaging a DVD with their Blu-pray movies for the same price as a Blu-pray alone. I could see this catching on as a way to force a transition I hope so!! Because I could see folks buying these combo packs and selling one disc on eBay. Looks like 2009 is going to be interesting…


“Socialist World Utopia!” care to expand?



The one The One’s going to build!

Well, well, well, who would of thought? @ferd Damn, knowing US gov co, the poor dumb asses will probably try to bail them out and stick the American tax payer flipping the bill. Who votes for these morons? I don’t know about you, but I don’t like being trillions in debt.

“Sony expected to post first loss since 1995”

Hahahahahaha. Beautiful. Somehow my tomorrow seems a little brighter. Maybe that’s what you get for making substandard products and treating your customers like thieves.