Sony expands Hi-MD format by adding MP3 and photo support



I just posted the article Sony expands Hi-MD format by adding MP3 and photo support.

 Up until  about a year ago, Sony was trying their best to promote their Atrac codec series,  but  did not offer MP3  support in its portable audio players.  However with poor sales ...
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Just three words… about bloody time :wink:


I think this baby has been born DEATH !.. Dont’t you think ?


Yay!!! Big company that I thought was stuck in its ways finnaly takes a big leap away from its proprietary roots and faces the times that Atrac3 was a failer. Now if they would just add native WMA and ACC, naw that would be to good of a idea and probably boost sales… Somtimes Jap companys can be so Clue-less, but this just gos to show people that when the japanies CEO lays off the socky and sobers up for a few hours good things can happen:)