Sony exec hints at Blu-ray HD-DVD union



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  For  the second time in less than a couple months, we are able to read that at least  Sony is wanting to avoid a format battle like the one we were caught up in with  VHS and Betamax. The...
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Well, last time manufacturers wanted to avoid the Betamax and VHS issues they were very carefull with DVD recordable formats, hehehe, we have now at least 3 (-/+/RAM). So, I believe it when I see it :slight_smile:


Format wars suck… I remember the 56K modem format wars between USRobotics(3Com) and Lucent Technologies… You had to go with a carrier using the technology you currently had to achieve those 56K speeds (even though it was really anywhere between 46K-52K depending on your line conditions)… And just like this +/-/RAM formats, they all just make it more confusing for the average Joe consumer who doesnt know with which format to go with or what media to buy… The end results are the same: Consumers are confused and the companies still collect the royalty fees for the supported formats of the drive, which are once again passed on to the consumer…


recording format war is a bit difference then a complete format war… just think you bought a HD-DVD and a player and one month later this format doesn’t exist anymore because the other one was the better format or vice versa… And you have spend much money on your playing devices and HD-DVDs… here we are not even talking from burning… such a format war is not what people normally want…


Ditto! Remember the LaserDisc… :wink:


I don’t see how consumers were the “pawns” in the Beta vs. VHS wars. The consumers eventually chose the format they preferred (VHS) and Sony had to concede and start making VHS VCR’s. I agree that a format war is not in the best interest of consumers, however, the consumers were far from being “pawns”. Had Sony done some actual consumer product testing in the 'States, they have seen that consumers prefer to get more capacity, even if the resulting picture quality was inferior to the competing product. Had Sony made the Beta format a higher capacity (equivalent to VHS), then their format may have won out. In this case, I don’t think Sony has to worry about being on the losing end as the picture and sound quality as well as capacity advantages all belong on the BR side.:g


Well, the DVD format war was solved with multi format drives. But I can’t see that as a solution for Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD.


“Well, the DVD format war was solved with multi format drives. But I can’t see that as a solution for Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD.” Why not? Multi format Blu-Ray/HD-DVD drives have already been discussed. I think we will see this happen ! :slight_smile:


Even if we get dual format Blu-Ray and HD-DVD drives, we still have issues with incompatible media, what I mean, you need 2 diffferent lines to manufacture the media, for pressed and blanks, so cost will be higher, at least at the beginning. == Before trhe win of VHS over Betamax, there were other like 10 different formats, not so easy to handle in multi format devices, where not only the recording signals are different, but also the physical features :slight_smile: == And VHS was rumored to win over Betamax just beacase of the porno industry, as movies were about 1.5 hours, and back then Beta was limited to 1 hour. Anyway, it also has to do with the movie studios, there are two camps right now.


Ahhh the p(|)rn industry! Is there ever anything they can’t accomplish? :g Still, an HD-DVD/BlueRay combo burner is inevitable! Ahh… 20-50gb DVDs! So makes even 8.5gb DL DVDs look sad! All that mega p(!)rn you could store instead of swapping. :d


This format war will be won politically. Depending on how much money Sony or the HD-DVD camp can throw at the studios will depend on where the consumers follow. We are pawns now more than ever before. Right now its about pre-pressed movies on discs. The recordable war between BD/HD is a non-issue. This is different than the VHS/Beta war where movie releases were part of the equation along with recording.