Sony ET2-002 BD-RE XL in Pioneer 207MBK?

Is this media compatible to this drive? I own the 207EBK variant, I have read that newer XL media has compatibility issues.

In this firmware revision 1.60, it says:
“Support New BD-RE TL media (2x Writing : SONY)”

Not sure whether it applies to this disc. Also I’m willing to use it as data backup, since Sony ET2-002 is rewritable is this unadvisable?

The Pioneer BDR-207EBK recognizes the Sony BD-RE XL 100GB MID: SONYET2-002.
The Pioneer BDR-S07XLT has no support for the BD-R XL \ BD-RE XL

Pioneer BDR-207EBK

Pioneer BDR-S07XLT

In general, using RW/RE media for long term backups isn’t advisable, though keeping incremental backups as a way to avoid accessing a primary set of backups stored on write-once media isn’t a bad idea.

Also there is still the speed problem with BD-RE / XL media, still stuck at ancient 2x. :frowning: