Sony E-series versus iPod Classic loudness and quality

I just got my second Sony MP3 player. But both times, I did not look at the iPod. Since stores do not have any way for you to evaluate mp3 players by loading your own music onto them or using classical music, I just went with what I knew.

I listen mostly to classical music. I was just wondering if anyone has had a direct usage experience with the iPod classic and also with any of the NWZ series sony MP3 players, say from 2009 or more recent. Is there any noticeable difference in loudness? Which has better sound quality?

Thanks for any input.


Just to add to my last post (my laptop ran out of batteries as I wrote the above) - the reason I’m asking about loudness is because classical music is mixed at approximately 10-15 Decibels lower than any pop music or jazz CD out there. So the maximum volume of the player does become an issue at this point. Of course, I have the sound limiter turned off on my Sony.

I did read on several forums on the internet that SONY has better sound quality than the iPods but I’m curious about the actual perceived loudness that you hear when you listen to the SAME piece on and iPod classic versus a Sony NWZ (preferably an E-series like the one I have which is an NWZ-E355).

Thanks again.