Sony DWU18a Problems

OK. I wanted to upgrade the DWU18A drive to a DWD18A drive so that it would burn dual layer discs. Using MTKFlash I finally got it to backup the existing firmware. Then I download the firmware for the DWD18A and when I tried to flash it (in DOS using MTKFLASH) it acted like it was going to begin but then it said something about a mismatch. After rebooting the drive won’t access or eject and it doesn’t even show that it’s plugged in. What shall I do? Return it? No firmware got uploaded so I should be able to return it.

The DW-D18A firmware VFS2 will not work on a DW-U18A unless it has UFS2. Flash back to your original firmware.

Well, when I use MTKFlash in DOS it freezes when I try to flash the original. Any ideas what the cause of that is? It’s like it can’t see the drive just like Windows and the BIOS can’t.

OK. It didn’t backup the firmware correctly when I first did that because it wasn’t the correct file size. So that was screwed. So I downloaded the firmwares USF1 and USY1. USF1 is for gear driven drives and USY1 is for belt driven drives.

The first time I booted into DOS it would fail on both firmwares. So when I rebooted into DOS it wouldn’t even get past the POST screen because it kept trying to initialize the dead Sony drive and would just freeze.

So what I did was plug in my NEC drive, booted into DOS and when it was done I unplugged the NEC drive and plugged in the Sony drive. And it worked! It started flashing! So when I rebooted I went into the BIOS and sure enough, it showed the drive! I opened the CD door and it opened but it wouldn’t close. It would keep popping open and would keep going in and out in jerky motions.

This told me that UFS1 was the wrong firmware so I installed UFY1 and it works perfectly! So now that I can get it back to this state I’ll try the correct firmware for upgrading it to dual layer capacity and see what happens. Thanks DHC014 for the help with the firmware version I need.

Please check my page again… any FS firmware so far has been for a belt driven drive. The USY1 firmware is for gear driven drives.

Sorry, I meant UFS and UYS. Yeah, the UYS is the one that worked better. I am having a little trouble tracking down the UFS2 firmware you mentioned. I tried your VFS2 but that did the same thing with opening and closing the tray. I’m just glad that I finally got MTKFlash to work right! Now it’s just a matter of tracking down the right firmware.

I got it successfully upgraded to a DRU700a for dual layer burning so that’s good! I just wish I could get it to work with a DWD18A firmware. Still having trouble finding one that works. The one that you have makes my drive door open and close. I’ll dig some more. Thanks again for your help.

try to flash with the liteon firmware VS0B from 832S. the dru700a is a rebadged 832s, the dwd18a a 812S.


I am also looking to upgrade my Sony DrWu18a to a dual layer drive. Can someone walk me through the process so that I can get the drive set up as a Dual layer burner?

I would really apprecaite it. I am new at this and any help would be greatful.

I am in Canada and the region is NTSC if that helps



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