Sony DWU18A flashed to LiteOn SOHW-832s

Ive just got a second hand sony dwu18a and flashed it to a LiteOn 832s. Im not too sure actually if this drive is quite performing correctly even before the flash as ive had a few coasters. Is there a program or some kind of diagnostic utility to tell me if this drive is burning correctly please?

All help appreciated



also doing a transfer rate test with cdspeed

KProbe reboots my computer every time i click to run it. No other programs cause this to happen on my computer. Any ideas?


p.s i did reboot when it told me too.

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not to sure whats causing your pc to reboot with Kprobe, you could try using the search function i know a few people have had this same issue.
have you got aspi 4.60 installed? it should have got installed with kprobe. maybe uninstall kprobe then run force aspi to get 4.6 as 4.7 can give problems.
does nero cdspeed work? you can do all the test you need with that, and test to see what aspi you have using nero info tool.

well thats odd. I just loaded up Nero and clicked the function to give me system information and it rebooted again! Ive got an nforce2 board so does this mean i still have ASPI drivers or nForce own?

what ide drivers are you using? if its nforce then remove them and reboot so it installs the microsoft ones.
and what OS?

yes its the latest nforce 5.10 drivers and im using windows xp pro with sp2. Just going to uninstall the ide drivers now then